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09 Asia Pacific show show live coverage Yu

Date:2009/10/27 10:26:45

"11th Asian-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition Report"
   "11th Asian-Pacific International Plastics and Rubber Industry Exhibition (Applas)" in Shanghai, China New International Exhibition Center was held
Office, the exhibition industry professionals to exchange more than play, the best platform for cooperation, but also new processes, new materials, new technologies and the latest
The best market information transmitters.
Yu Since its inception, with professional exhibition and advertising to increase brand awareness building and upgrading, with superb technology
To support the market demand-oriented continuous improvement, continuous innovation, "has always been leading the industry trend," vowed the company
The pursuit. The Yu total of four injection molding machines in Applas site demonstration. These include energy-saving servo drive injection molding machines,
High-speed micro-injection molding, injection molding machine, and 2009 color wheel vertical injection molding machine industry's only won the Ringier Technology Innovation Award
Linkage clamping injection molding machine.
Environmental protection and energy-saving thin-wall injection molding today's market are hot, Yu servo energy saving injection molding machine, in an ideal working conditions, compared to
Conventional injection molding machine energy saving rate of 40% -80%; followed by the response speed, low-speed stability, and precision products are great repeat
Advantage; for micro high-speed injection molding machines, injection technology, the use of closed loop, high speed, high precision and high energy efficiency and other advantages
As a whole, the noise has been reduced, especially for high-end products; With the continuous development of the plastic products industry, large
Injection equipment is widely used, vertical injection molding machine clamping Yu linkage promotion, greatly reducing the vertical whole large injection
Machine height problem, replace the difficult to solve the mold, the problem ,,,,,, staff to maneuver
The exhibition not only on the device Yu made a great improvement, but also in the booth is set up to spend more effort on, two-layer structure
Booth design also reflects the strong momentum of development and Yu world brand of determination! Site of the exhibition full of people, to discuss cross-district
Head lug, regional manager of enthusiasm for the customers to explain the equipment to do product analysis for customers to choose the most suitable equipment,
Question to answer, answer questions, this whisper of scenes of people deeply felt the energy surging Yu. The four-day
Applas show although not long, gave a great encouragement to bring Yu, orders continue to show not only more good news is that
Big Brother has been in the industry you love and support, they come to the venue, General Manager Mr. Yang Maorong happy with the smooth
Yang said the total on ,,,,,, this: Yu will be relentless spirit of innovation, hard work and wisdom with us and the industry and
The community closer together, fighting wind and waves, create win-win situation, creating the prospect of a more magnificent and splendid future!


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