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Selection of vertical injection molding machine

Date:2010/1/29 10:27:27

How to choose the vertical injection molding machines, clamping vertical for vertical plastic injection, mold fixed on the lower mold activity. Direct approach is embedded in pieces of plastic injection molding machine optimal solution, used injection molding machine of the four basic elements:

First, the volume modulus, both the mold of L * W * H, select the appropriate product in the mold factory specifications and slightly larger than the mold, both for the effective Corinthians column spacing;

Second, the injection volume, and is usually calculated PS plastic material, in units of ounces (oz), because PS is a vertical centimeter density than the proportion of 1.05g, this is the conventional unit. Different density than plastic because of the structure is different, so the net weight of product to choose the outlet compared with injection molding machine is the most effective amount of not more than 80% and not less than 20% of suitable models;

Third, the accuracy of said products, plastic products, precision machinery directly related to the purchase and configuration requirements, such as engineering plastics that it must use alloy screw and barrel, screw L / D ratio of over 20 times above, in order to achieve good standards and requirements of plastics. Should be the choice of products than the precision required flow or pressure + than half or full closed loop control, closed loop circuit; 4, clamping force for the injection side of this most vital part of tons of clamping force, said the unit (T), choose the standard clamping force to the plastic product L * W * be the resistance of different plastics
Vertical injection molding machine Category: vertical injection molding machine can be divided into the following categories of specific
First, vertical injection molding machine: This machine is mainly for cable, all kinds of electronics, computer data cables, and power plug cord injection molding, precision injection molding product standards do not ask, generally PVC, PE and other plastic material injection led, for the specific application of the product model specification generally clamping force from 15T - to 35T range, due to the specific capacity of the factory model modulus, configuration, etc. are different, the purchase of the former must require manufacturers to plant to determine the specific parameters of model specifications
Second, the vertical and horizontal injection molding machines, C-type injection molding machine series: Vertical clamping machine, Horizontal Injection for column-free, as a result of clamping parts of the letter "C" is the name. Machine complex structure, with a large amount of plastic injection, column-free operation due to a wide area, mainly engaged in various safety regulations for plug injection molding, such as the French head, U.S. plug, UK plug, etc.
Third, single-slide type vertical injection molding machine, dual slide-type injection molding machine: This machine mainly for engineering plastic products have strict requirements of precision, precision, or with a small embedded pieces of injection molding, injection molding is also embedded in optimal forming one of the options. Because it is fixed with the upper die, lower die slide function. Dual slide-style model with a double on the next model, the second alternate operating mode, compared for precision metal parts embedded or removed. General molding products, such as electronic precision connector, phone connector, integrated circuits and other components
Fourth, the vertical disc-type injection molding machine, rotary Series: Vertical injection molding machine rotary disc series can be described as the most sophisticated pieces of plastic embedded optimization solution, because the machine can be designed to an upper die or lower die mold under two function, embedded and complex than for saving advantages of artificial


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