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TAYU vertical injection molding machine maintenance

Date:2010/2/24 10:28:37

Date: February 24, 2010
Emphasis on the repair and maintenance, good maintenance is to reduce and prevent the machine fails the most effective way of symptoms, maintenance methods include:
1. Kept clean to prevent wear and tear caused by the debris, clogging, rust and timely detection of oil spills;
2. Mechanical lubrication to prevent mechanical parts wear. Make the action smooth, noise reduction work;
3. Check regularly checked to prevent the control part of the electrical components due to loose, bad, or failure caused by aging;
4. Hydraulic part of the examination can be promptly stopped leaking components, thus avoiding the loss of oil and product contamination;
5. The correct adjustment can increase machine productivity, keep the machine's accuracy and reduce the adjustment caused by improper electrical or mechanical wear and tear of life.
The general maintenance such as refueling, cleaning and other operations can be referred to the general staff, the technical maintenance of mechanical, hydraulic and electrical parts of the examination, you must adjust the machine by the structure of experienced and familiar with the personnel responsible for implementation.
8.1 Maintenance of hydraulic system
In the process finished, the injection pressure is to determine the quality of the finished product quality is a major factor. So the hydraulic system stability is very important to maintain the stability of the hydraulic system must rely on the usual maintenance. Injection molding machine is a hydraulic pump system in general, hydraulic motors, solenoid directional valve, speed proportional valve, pressure control valve and a combination of several sets of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic components of the above components of quality, and reasonable The circuit design, piping and control structured in an appropriate oil temperature 40-50 º C and a good oil, is a hydraulic system to maintain stability of smooth basic conditions.
8.1.1 In doing preventive maintenance to avoid setting off the material temperature range without melting plastic, so indirect damage to the pump and hydraulic motor; avoid exceeding the maximum limit on the amount of pressure to run under the general maximum working pressure is 140kg/cm ² (F-120's maximum working pressure is 120kg/cm ²); Regular cleaning coolers, at least three months; Pressure on a regular basis and clean the inlet filter replacement oil network, internal fuel tank; often note that the pipe joints, hydraulic parts for leakage and regularly check for loose screws; Avoid stacking heavy objects on or trampled in the hydraulic parts on it; In addition to the expertise of staff guidance, do not just dump any hydraulic system components, hydraulic parts, or replaced with brand specifications, or easy to reduce its service life; ensure that the internal cleaning of oil, grease tank not free to open the mouth; keep track of the temperature cycle oil, when the temperature is too high, said cycle oil overheating, should stop checking;
8.2 Control and maintenance of hydraulic oil
Hydraulic system in the injection machine, the pursuit of nothing more than stability, to achieve this requires high-quality hydraulic components, and more stable oil; hydraulic components of the quality of its action is usually the temperature of the changes in its internal valve and vent valve produced by volume and movement within the space of stable and fixed, and the machining accuracy of this process and have a great relationship, usually to prevent the user can not only choose the brand to use. The stability of the oil depends on the maintenance of man-made, can be prevented from following points:
8.2.1 The insertion of a new oil, the oil must comply with the instructions, the use of combined in the specification of the oil, may not purchase or re-refining of unknown specification oil;
8.2.2 Check the oil regularly (three - six months), when the hydraulic component parts of serious damage, a large amount of the powder particles, if the failure to filter out, will make accelerated damage to other parts of the base had extra attention, frequent change of the past, the existing pump, the short term and cause wear and tear, that do so;
8.2.3 dust into the air;
8.2.4 removal of hydraulic components in cleaning;
8.2.5 Cooling bad, making the temperature is too high resulting deterioration;
8.2.6 When cleaning the tank and replace the oil to prevent impurities into the pipeline, prohibit the removal of oil under the oil tank built-in network, replaced with new oil should be removed below the row of coolers hole, the oil discharge pipe.
8.2.7 can be used to control particulate pollution filter, the filter is divided into the suction filter and return filter two, but the suction filter accuracy can not be too high, otherwise the pump may have prior to the suction line vacuum, resulting in pump damage, because the suction filter is usually used 125u m (microns);
8.2.8 use the new machine after 2000 hours, re-release of hydraulic oil filter and clean the tank and filter, then filtered into the hydraulic oil, but whether it is new or old machines, hydraulic oil must be replaced once a year.
8.3 Maintenance of the electrical part of the
Electric is an action of the brain control machine, the machine parts are usually caused by machine vibration loosening, if not to pay attention and treatment, it is likely to cause excessive damage to the current part, the formation of open circuit, the machine stops.
8.3.1 Avoid using the air compressor wind, blowing straight electrical parts should be cleaned using high insulation spray;
8.3.2 The terminal connections, regularly checked and tightened;
8.3.3 External wiring should avoid collision and friction materials;
8.3.4 The AC contactor, periodically check their point of contact corrosion is serious;
8.3.5 within the electronic control box to keep dry;
8.3.6 Avoid items stacked in electrical control boxes and computer parts;
8.3.7 in order to avoid what beat or trample direct electrical control boxes and computer parts;
8.3.8 Avoid feeding tube heaters in the above arrangements and a goods;
8.4 Maintenance of mechanical parts
The mechanical part of the injection molding machine, injection machine is one of the three structures, when a fault occurs, is the most time consuming part of a repair, it must be properly maintained to prevent failure.
8.4.1 Injection System shot cylinder to maintain the core surface, shot cylinder machine column, feeding tube and column and seat into the cylinder surface of the mandrel so clean, to avoid the accumulation of surface dirt, hid the mechanical components of the aperture affect performance; Injection system regularly check whether the fastening nut loose, in order to ensure injection part of the work; Nozzle thread every three months to remove the clear plastic part of the carbonation, work at high temperatures due to disassembly, the threaded part to be coated heat-resistant grease (red lead or molybdenum disulfide), so as to avoid due to bite can not be removable; In addition to plastics, pigments and additives Department, not the other things into the melting cones damaged screw melt and melt rubber tube; melt not yet reached the preset temperature, do not start the hydraulic motor melt glue, glue or pine shoot back, otherwise it will cause damage to the screw head; using the "loose back" must determine not melt the plastic barrel due to low hardening, or hardening of the plastic in the screw when the screw back adhesive, resulting in damage to turn the screw back and check ring system; longer shutdown, should first determine the melt the plastic cylinder cleaned up to prevent a high degree of thermal plastic carbide, cement will be shot with rubber screw can not rotate. The use of highly corrosive materials with particular attention, because this plastic material pipe stuck in the barrel is easy to damage the internal and Injection screw surface nitride layer; near nozzle heaters must not be plastic wrap to keep, because heating the plastic wrap film can easily be caused by improper cooling and damage.
Clamping part and Templates section 8.4.2 maintain the mold cylinder mandrel, mold cylinder machine column, clean the surface of the upper and lower template to avoid the accumulation of dirt in order to avoid these sites at work, causing damage; Control Clamping stroke of pressure, velocity, position adjustment to reduce the impact to avoid damage to the template and die; each stop, the mold should be open, so that the upper and lower mold gap between 2mm, if the mold is completely open, because of the template and the injection part of the weight, so that the machine in a working condition, affecting seal solenoid valves and other components of life; Avoid mold dimensions smaller than the machine pitch 2 / 3 of the high-pressure molding mold, when necessary, and activities on board plus a fixed plate pad 40-50mm of the reinforcing plate; Mold screws to avoid high hardness of the alloy screws, screws into the teeth must be within the depth of 1.5D above, tighten the torque to be appropriate. Fixed mold before the mold and really check the fixed surface is clean, if necessary, starting a millstone clearance.
8.5 out long notes
8.5.1 Maintenance Project washing machine
Clear the stage machine raw material powder, oil, water stains, oil, dust, unnecessary attachments, preferably in the cleaning and then a layer of protective oils, this is anti-rust warranty;
8.5.2 Hydraulic Oil is the first year to be replaced after use; Check the hydraulic oil quality, compliance with specifications range; of hydraulic oil is bad, please replace it and clean the fuel tank (not paint inside the tank); Hydraulic oil reference specifications.
8.5.3 Coolers for system processing screws, nuts are loose offset positioning; Check the parallelism between the template.
8.5.3 processing circuitry: Check the connection point is loose, fixed socket is loose? Check the label of the appliance is complete? Check whether the electrical aging need to be replaced by? dust, grease, water stains, use volatile cleaning agents to clean.
Please perform maintenance work is completed, together with anti-rust treatment, in order to achieve the full effect, and a list of records, review and improvement projects!


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