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The old year Spring Festival TAYU 2010 Chinese New Year party

Date:2010/2/18 10:31:36

The old year to greet New Year 2010 Chinese New Year party Dayu (2.29)
       Song and laughter, to greet the New Year.
     February 29, Dayu Machinery Co., Ltd. 2010 Spring party in a festive atmosphere began. In the evening before the start of the field, the company director Mr. Yang Maorong done summary of the work in 2009 and outlook 2010 outlook for the company. The development of enterprises without the hard work of all staff, meeting room, to the employees Dong Yang expressed sincere gratitude and encouraged colleagues to redouble their efforts in striving for the new year, Yu's brilliant! Subsequently, the company leadership to the department the award outstanding employees.
     Yang Dong with enthusiasm in the party's anthem sounded passionate, spontaneous staff to prepare a variety of exciting programs, with the cool beat of fashion, will show to a climax, the audience's cheers, applause ,,,,,,
     2009 is about to fall fighting the last note, in the past year, we forged with sweat glory, woven with dreams of youth. In 2010, our efforts, continuous innovation and development, as has been supporting us, trust our new and old customers, they provide the most suitable equipment, vertical injection molding machine!


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