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Of the China-made high-precision equipment excellent brand

Date:2010/6/12 10:34:04

Of the China-made high-precision equipment excellent brand
Market demand for innovation from the high-end positioning
Yu primarily derived from the establishment of market demand, Yang saw was the total vertical plastic injection molding machines and other machinery behind the popular technology for quite a lack of overall volume, full use of the hands of some of the technical, business and other contacts resources to set up Dayu machinery. Since its inception, more accurate positioning of Dayu, the starting point is relatively high, the target is foreign advanced technology and standards. In short, Yu was the positioning concept is very clear, that is, "import substitution." Yu came to be in the rapid development of industry, technology and other areas in the first row leader, this position has played a very important role.
Yu has been aimed at the international cutting-edge technology, some in recent years, Yu is the focus on development of cooperation in this regard. Today, the hydraulic fluid control of several international corporate giants, such as Germany, Ph.D., Japanese Yuken, etc., there are new technologies in new areas of application, the partnership will be the first time and Yu. This is also the achievements of Yu in the industry's advanced technology, innovation has been at the level of front-end speed presses.
Yang said the total, in 2003 the first machine to produce Yu, the lead time for three years early, so to count large Yucheng Li to have it 20 years now, in 2010, is bound to be a landmark of Yu year.
2009 is the plastics industry is very turbulent year, but the downturn in the industry environment, Yu still achieve sustained growth, the total performance in this very humble Yang. Mr. Yang said that in 2009, Yu's business market has undergone great changes, product mix as well as domestic and foreign markets have different degrees of atrophy, such as the European market and some newly developed immediately be plunged into a downward or even halt, These are all different degrees of Yu had a negative impact.
But we see the positive side, some multinational companies operating in the globalization, through market research, to re-evaluate, select a higher cost of plastic machinery in China, and Yu also seize the opportunity to develop a broader the market. Yu made the high-end equipment, large equipment is also increasing.
Today, Yu, has been very obvious advantages, such as early 2010, Yu has just completed a large tonnage of 450 metric tons of linkage clamping injection molding machine, with such technology manufacturers in the domestic production capacity is far from . Yu the Great according to customer's special requirements, specifically designed to produce within two months of a perfect machine. Yang always proud of that, Yu current R & D capability, is well-known in the industry, and suppliers of computer Yu presses Taiwan Hong telecommunications company, with the whole process of R & D and manufacturing capabilities Dayu much appreciated. And this is another innovative factor in the complex requirements of large-tonnage machines in a short period of time, R & D success and the success of the successful production of Yu is also a revolutionary innovative, so that all people can feel Dayu pride.
Increase investment green low-carbon energy research and innovation
Speaking of large-tonnage machines, Yang said the total, for large and sophisticated in the industry for both Yu has the absolute advantage. For the future development of Yu Yang always said that the current Yu should be made to do two new concepts. The production of national and human development is development-oriented direction and, therefore, is now the first green low-carbon concept, which is concentrating on Yu in the direction of the next decade. As early as 2005, Yu pioneered in the industry that is energy and can improve the working environment, improve the efficiency of the servo vertical injection molding machine, introduced in parallel with the sky as well-known domestic enterprises. Second place is the intelligent development of the market's increasing labor costs, and human factors will be a lot of product quality, intelligent production of the production cycle and are relying on technology and other aspects of the machine to complete This will reduce the losses caused by many human factors, which is the main direction of future development of Yu. Slowly coming to realize personnel cuts, from one person to operate a machine and gradually evolved into one operating three machines, followed by a five person operation ... ... General Yang also excited that a lot of sales this year, Yu automatic equipment, future will also be more efforts to develop the field.
The Chinese market, today's China is no longer used to the Chinese market, and in China have begun to get rid of low-end "price war" instead invest in high-end technology innovation, such as mobile phones, the more made thinner, thinner after performance was more excellent, and if plastic, thin, but also to achieve higher strength, which requires technical innovation, process innovation, which will become the future development direction of Yu.
Present a few injection molding machine manufacturers, General Yang said, because of the presence of Dayu, the domestic industry, the level of vertical injection molding machine, technology, and strength are improved. The reason why Yu growth and progress depends on the following aspects: First, Yu willing to invest, the use of economic globalization, Yu active in the international press manufacturing and technology. Although the establishment of long years, but the Japanese Yu integrated electrical, hydraulic aspects of cutting-edge German technology. European technical support Yu and technical quality of the machine to break through an important reason. Yu has come from foreign countries (Austria, Germany) and technical resources to support the team's solid and reliable, while Yu internal technology investment, focusing on large-scale international exhibition for publicity and promotion are Dayu the main source of advanced technology. Secondly, Yu R & D technical staff focus more on research and innovation, through exhibitions and other channels, compared with high-end products, followed by R & D to improve innovation. Mr. Yang also said that there will be research on the possibility of failure exists, if there is a failure of the project R & D projects, R & D team Yu will not give too much pressure will make persistent efforts to motivate staff to work harder. Meanwhile, Yang always happy to say that he is about to go to Shaoxing to accept the award, which is issued by the Science and Technology Agency. In addition to investment in technology, Yang always most proud of is Yu's team, the core is very strong. Either rapid response or act in harmony, at any stage, face different goals, with this team is unparalleled. For example, Yu's immediate goals is to develop scientific and technological innovation, or Yu recent development is the expansion of business, the whole team will be very consistent pace, after so many years of development, the current team is very difficult to get valuable! Yu said the current cooperation, including the model, the entire industry, there are many people in the imitation of Yu's sales system, is the industry's best selling models do reference.
Focus on people-oriented staff training
In the staff's learning, Young always said that Yu, the company continued to make all levels of training, learning more, you will find out that they have more knowledge and skills needed to master. Yu invested in this area is relatively large, such as staff training, director of training and so on. In for instance on the present, the company is now so busy, but still according to plan training, administrative training has already begun pre-production department began in June, arranged in groups to go to training. Yang Zongjian letter, only the employee's progress, some will have more to enhance the quality and technology!
For overtime, General Yang also said that despite the current order time is very tight, employees often need to work, but still want employees to the greatest degree of normalization, it is people-oriented era. Yu is currently in transition, can not meet the plant has produced a new plant about to start construction in September, but Yu's current development situation better than expected. Yu annual rate of 15% growth, although a bit conservative, but immediately the injection molding machine industry in recent years, product constantly in transition, the total has continued to increase. Domestic market, Yu does not share how many good statistics, but Yu has been in multiple markets account for 50% or 60%, the best the market has accounted for as 90% of Jinhua. Yu also shows increased share of other brands or colleagues on the decline, Yu also saw a number of other manufacturers in fact, shrinking, shrinking, while fellow Yu in the realization of growth, which makes the total Yang particularly proud of. In early 2009, the company re-positioning, in view of the limited production capacity in 2009, the company made a subtraction, to give order to win, improve quality and implement the technology, manufacturing, sales and other fields, and even guard. Mr. Yang explained, companies have their own position, to choose their own customer base - high-quality customers, to technological breakthroughs have a greater role, the updated information. Advanced, difficult is not necessarily a success, but still need to do, preconceptions and take practical action to complete the R & D, Yu is the direction to the end!
Popularization of new technologies to expand the global market of high-end
The elegant style for the upcoming exhibition, General Yang said Yu will also promote new technologies and will strive to promote the concept of consumers and customers change, turning green, low-carbon energy level. Yu launched in 2009 joint clamping vertical injection molding machine, to promote very hard to get a unique vertical injection molding machine Innovation Award this year, Yu will make more new innovations in technology. Make demands from customers into Yu initiative to recommend to customers to do the program, for example, with intelligent, the rate will increase the number of products, do these programs to compare. China has more advanced technology than developed countries, the concept is still somewhat backward. There are a number of machines to Yu Hiroshima, Japan, must be ordered when the servo motor, according to customers introduced in Hiroshima if the non-servo motor of the machine can not be purchased, if the servo motor of the machine, the government will give some subsidies to such a number of mandatory conditions to eliminate some of the old equipment. This has also allowed Young to see the future of the total Chinese market. Yu has a number of machines is sent to Jakarta, Indonesia, the small machine, servo motors cost more than the cost of the machine itself is higher, customers are not equipped with colleagues also set the motor, go back and do research, to use solar energy supply equipment, such the future development of space are Dayu, the state will introduce a number of low-carbon emission reduction strategies in the near future, customers will be popular Yu, Yu is also the responsibility.
Yang said the total, like the earlier, action earlier, when we asked the community to begin a low-carbon, but also for enterprises to control electricity, when Yu and conditions in all aspects of techniques has been very mature. 2010-2013 is a rapidly developing for three years, the face of the plastics industry such golden period of development, Yang said the total, now there are many domestic equipment coming from abroad, also in recent years the rapid development of foreign equipment, the more and more and more products will be processed by injection molding, as it is now a lot of metal is through injection molding, it rules out the product. Yu planning in the next three years to increase R & D investment, the introduction of talent, narrow the gap with international cutting-edge technology. Market, such as Yu the Great in India prior to the development of better, since last year on India's anti-dumping against Yu is also relatively large, these are big Yugang Gang opened up the market to break through these barriers, Yu basically In some foreign countries to open their own factories, which is the long-term planning, set up factories in foreign countries is another major Yujin Jun shortcut to the international market, but also the development of some excellent agents, Dayu technology in the country, leading the business situation will also be expanded to the world.


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