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To enhance the quality of the brand benefits of technology to lead the development of the industry

Date:2010/6/13 10:35:51

Tayu Machinery: to enhance the quality of the brand benefits of technology to lead the development of the industry
----- Visit Hangzhou Tayu Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Yang Maorong
The rapid development of plastic products, plastic machinery are becoming the personalized, dedicated sexual development. Dayu machinery relying on advanced technology and international co-operation with the industry giant, adhere to the ISO, insists on Six Sigma, continuous product improvement, upgrade, so infinitely close to zero defect products. With personalized, dedicated, environmental protection, energy saving, automation and precision injection-driven, the full product "precision, energy saving, environmental protection, and efficient" feature. In the post-crisis era, Yang Maorong the development of enterprises a higher hopes: "to smooth out the economic crisis, we will continue until the idea of ​​Yu can now ranked three in the country, the future, we should strive to the world top three forward! "
Dayu Machinery Co., Ltd. is China's most professional one vertical injection molding machine manufacturers, the company in Hangzhou, Zhejiang and Guangdong Dongguan respectively, with two core manufacturing base, focusing on plastic and bakelite (BMC) high-precision injection molding equipment R & D and production. Products have been targeted at high-end market, to Europe, America, Japan's advanced technology, quality and long-term development concept as a business line, continuous improvement, innovation, to create a series of high-quality, high-precision vertical injection molding machine.
From the past to the present, Yu had been in the forefront of the development of injection molding machine industry, and today's injection molding machine industry products more inclined to saving, but also conform to this trend Yu launched its unique product strengths - energy injection servo machine, "This product has five major advantages: super saving - in an ideal working conditions, compared to conventional injection molding machine efficiency of 20% -80%; forming stable - precision closed-loop servo motor control, high repeatability; performance High response - high-performance servo motors, fast response time of just start 0.5s; noise - the whole operation, low noise, low-speed movements more quiet; the tank Low temperature heat - proportional output hydraulic servo motor oil, to avoid excess heat generation, the temperature at the end, even without cooling the hydraulic oil to achieve a substantial saving. "Yang always said," The injection molding machine also uses the latest technology and apply it to the servo control on the turntable, turntable rotation to overcome the original smooth and not too slow rotation, enabling customers to use the process to improve efficiency, meet the requirements of precision injection molding. "
It is understood that in the large tonnage injection molding machines, the country has been a blank, as long as a large tonnage injection molding machine has been imported. Vertical large tonnage injection molding machine clamping tons of birth defects, the larger the machine, the higher the height of the machine, in particular, vertical clamping
All up-type vertical injection machines, not only need but also to ultra-high plant with a corresponding high degree of operating sites, the operation is inconvenient and also by the multi-machine production environment constraints. With the large tonnage use of vertical injection molding machine more and more widely, in order to solve this problem, Yu through unremitting efforts, relying on its strong technical strength, the grand launch of the world's first vertical injection molding machine clamping linkage, so that the vertical injection molding machine manufacturing technology, a revolutionary breakthrough, promoted the development of the industry.

Today the company has been in the country with more than 20 offices and sold in Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil, more than 10 countries and regions. After years of development, Yu has become vertical injection molding machine production tonnage of the largest and most complete specifications of the manufacture, sale one of the manufacturers. Despite the injection molding machine industry made great progress, Dayu machinery still will enhance the brand influence long-term goal, Yang Maorong said: "The injection molding industry, although a smaller circle, but a large flow of talent to enhance brand impact, product technical quality is fundamental in the economic crisis, our company as a whole and not by the more impact it may have been conducive to Dayu product positioning - to replace imported products. Dayu the future will continue to adhere to this concept, quality-based technology products in order to media event as the basis, focus on customer satisfaction and improve brand influence and strive to achieve international three!


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