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tayu mechanical awarded the 2009 "Top Ten presses Enterprise" award

Date:2010/7/8 10:36:51

        Top Ten 2009 HC plastics industry awards ceremony-cum-2010 Plastic Industry Forum of the enterprise to enhance the power "on May 30, 2010 was held in Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing. The poll on February 1, 2010 inception, more than 300,000 plastic industry, upstream and downstream enterprises to actively participate in, lasted four months, after 50 sea-election, election 20 sea, 15 strong sea election, Internet voting produced a total of 3,872,653 votes, text vote more than 914,567 votes, line vote of nearly 15 million votes, more than 4,500 users comment section break, and finally by the plastics industry expert assessment, selection resulted in 10 companies. Dayu machinery Co., Ltd. Hangzhou thousand enterprises from the candidates stand out, with the highest votes, won the "Top Ten presses enterprise" the title of honor.


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