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Gathered the wind plastic media

Date:2010/9/30 10:38:45

Taizhou occasion of the exhibition in September, I went to tayu Machinery Co., Ltd. Booth Xu Yanguang managers face a smile filled with joy, from which I feel tayu mechanical thriving gratifying results, Sure Mr. Hsu said, "We tayu1-8's sales plan has completed more than 25 percent last year, in addition, we have for next year's sales targets throughout the year made plans, growth this year than the 20% -30%. "In addition to this self-confidence and pride in their products comes from the confidence and confidence in the market, the more marketing strategies from tayu machinery, R & D strength and good corporate management and business operations.
tayu machine with Dongguan, Guangdong, Zhejiang and Hangzhou tayu tayu two core manufacturing base, focusing on plastic and bakelite (BMC) high-precision injection molding equipment, development and production, product positioning and high-end market has been to the U.S. and Europe, Japan advanced technology, quality long-term development concept as a business line, as innovative as its life, to create a series of high-quality, high-precision vertical injection molding machine, widely used in medical, auto parts, electronics, aerospace, military and other fields. In 2008 the company was named "Hangzhou High-tech Enterprise" in 2009, was named "National High-tech Enterprise." Mr. Hsu said, tayu the key to success lies in taking the road of independent innovation in R & D, increasing annual investment in R & D, R & D team is the core of our organization, brings together a comprehensive foreign and domestic R & D talent, effort in science and technology innovation issue, to ensure tayu products always walk in front of the industry, now the most popular "low-carbon green", "servo energy saving", we have prepared three years ago, when the last Adsale Exhibition introduced the energy-saving servo injection molding machine, energy saving of 30% -80%. In addition, we constantly improve the product, upgrade, so infinitely close to zero defect products. Of course, Yu achieved such good results is dependent on the customer's support and recognition.
Good technology, good products need people to realize, the team, the training is especially important in enterprise development. Manager Xu said: "We Yangmao Rong, general manager of the company attaches great importance to staff training, invested heavily in this regard the company continued to do the training at all levels, such as staff training, in charge of training, manager training, etc. greatly enhanced through training of our work attitude, knowledge and skills to better ensure high quality products and services of high quality. "
Finally, Mr. Hsu to the author describes the latest research and development of new products: Vertical turret, dual-color wheel machine. Since the launch of the first vertical tayu color machine has an efficient, practical and the client's approval and popularity. But with the complexity of the molding, before the machine can not meet the two-color injection molding, such as a double-sided demands of new technology. tayu combined with customer demand, the development of this section the machine, as the turret can serve as a dial-color two-color molding machine molding, injection molding of the international community once again to fill the gaps. The device uses two injection system, a locking system, a turret system, a three-position dial system. This product has two simultaneous injection of the injection unit to meet the two-color (two materials) products shaping needs; mainly from the central to Tato and features rotating turret body, with A, B group mold, to products time after injection through the center and turn to another Tato from mold injection, to achieve the product while the upper and lower surfaces coated, breaking the original two-color injection molding machine to follow the mold due to product rotation, only a surface injection bottleneck.


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