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《Modern Plastics》—TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd

Date:2010/9/30 10:40:32

Technological innovation, leading the development of the industry vertical injection molding machine
- Tayu Machinery Co., Ltd. General Manager Mr. Yang Maorong Interview
As China's vertical plastic, bakelite injection molding machine manufacturer's leader, has been, tayu Machinery Co., Ltd. according to market needs, has introduced leading-edge products and quality service. In the plastic industry high speed development period, Yu will always adhere to scientific and technological innovation, and with "always one step ahead" concept, focusing on the "Out", as a further step towards the international market and lay a solid foundation.
□ staff reporter Tony Mou
PT: Yang, Hello! I'm glad you can once again accept the Articles of the interview. Pick up the plastics industry in 2010, most enterprises have achieved good results, then your company's business situation this year, is also impressive? You can do this to make a brief introduction?
Mr. Yang Maorong: thank PT "Modern Plastics" has always been the concern of tayu! See the plastics industry to pick up, I am very pleased. In 2008, that swept the global financial crisis has really changed the fate of many companies. In the crisis, business is hang back, wait for the crisis is over, or adjust the strategy to seek opportunities to move forward? It can be said, is to determine the performance of two different companies currently operating conditions of the main factors. Over the years, tayu has been positioning itself in the high-end market, and "instead of European, American and Japanese products" as the long-term development goals. It is in support of this belief, we are based on future market demand to determine, in a crisis insisted that the new products, new technology research and development, in order to develop a large tonnage, large injection volume and high-precision equipment and special machines type, to meet the market demand. It is particularly worth mentioning is that in 2009 we launched the world's first vertical injection molding machine clamping linkage, the product market situation in 2010 is good. Based on these technologically advanced equipment allows us to smoothly through the financial crisis, a healthy development, and increasingly vertical injection molding machine industry technology leader. Today, Yu equipment has been used in various industries, client groups funded enterprises have been gradually extended to Japanese, Korean-owned and German-owned businesses, products are exported to Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brazil, more than 20 countries and regions. In short, we are encouraged by these results. In the future, we will continue to develop high-end technology to provide customers with low carbon and more intelligent machines, the Yu to create a world-class brand.
PT: Judging from this year's sales, the sales of your product which is better? You think this is the reason for what?
Mr. Yang Maorong: This year all walks of life have shown a good momentum of development, so that the injection molding machine market demand, which involves a wide variety of machine Dayu, no doubt, is a positive. Currently, Yu is the most technologically advanced equipment tonnage of the largest and most complete specifications of the vertical plastic, bakelite (BMC) injection molding machine manufacturing enterprises, with these advantages, this allows us to obtain a favorable market environment a lot of money results. Here, I focus on the rapid growth in a number of applications in sales. For example, we have developed a fully automatic machine for LED, with its highly efficient and stable operation of the technological advantage, and soon the emerging LED market in China has been recognized, the aircraft company's sales account for almost 1 to 20 sales in August %. In addition, our precision injection molding machines, sales of color machines are also very good.
tayu product was able to get market recognition, I think one important reason is that we "always one step ahead" of the design and development philosophy. For example, early in the development of the J-series energy-saving injection molding machine, we will give full consideration to the concept of energy conservation, making the machine a launch, with its high precision, low power consumption, noise and speed, and many other benefits by the majority of customers of all ages. In addition, our micro-high-speed machine is also well positioned to meet the injection molding machine to the small, multi-direction of the trend, especially for thin-walled, deep-cavity molding products need to reduce product cost, while also greatly improving the product quality.
In short, I have always believed that business succeed in a rapidly changing market, firm and stronger, we must focus on customer needs, enhance technology development, focusing on product quality and technical services, and these tayu insisted done. For example, plastic products to meet the complex trend, tayu pioneered the first vertical two-color machine, the machine's efficiency and practicality has been widely acclaimed by customers. May this year, tayu launched a whole new generation of vertical turret turntable color injection molding machine, the machine will be dual-injection base, care core turret, transposition wheel and servo technology in one set, as a double injection molding products provides a perfect solution.
PT: For years, tayu vertical injection molding machine has been focused on the development and manufacturing, in this regard, what do you think your company is different from the competition is unique? In your opinion, vertical injection molding machine technology, the future development trends? In this regard, Yu technical reserves do what?
Mr. Yang Maorong: For businesses, has its own unique advantage is crucial, the only way to long-term foothold in the market and dominate the market. Over the years, the performance of Yu thriving, I think the most critical two points: First, forward-thinking, accurate market positioning and willing to invest in innovation. In the context of economic globalization, tayu actively introduce international advanced technology in manufacturing plastic machinery, not only to fully absorb the Japanese electrical and hydraulic and other cutting-edge German technology, but also received support from Europe. Meanwhile, tayu internal practice is necessary to ensure our success. We always through various channels, for example, to communicate with industry experts and explore and actively participate in major international exhibitions, etc., with the world to gradually narrow the gap between the leader. Second, we have a united and cooperative staff, which is most proud of me. Any case, our team is always around the company's development goals, mutual support and act in harmony and responsive, so as to Yu over the years to provide a guarantee for sustainable development, which is very rare precious!
On the vertical injection molding machine technology trends, I think in the future market demand will be "personalized, dedicated, environmental protection, energy saving, automation and precision injection" oriented, and this is what has been advocated by tayu , but the key is to focus on technological innovation. Currently, tayu in this regard has mastered a lot of advantages of technology, to create a number of domestic unique vertical injection molding machine. Recently, we have successfully launched Asia's first mode-locked servo linkage 650 t of energy-saving color wheel vertical injection molding machine, the introduction of this equipment, so tayu people feel proud. In short, we will adhere to the scientific and technological innovation through the introduction of advanced technology and innovation, and constantly adapt to changes in market demand, provide the best products and technologies.
PT: the rapid growth of the face tayu business, your company is currently two manufacturing base in Dongguan, Hangzhou and capacity situation, the ability to meet current market demand for your products?
Mr. Yang Maorong: no exaggeration to say, Hangzhou tayu and Dongguan tayu capacity in the country has reached the top three levels. As the market demand for larger, more orders, so far, our two factories are in full production status, they have more than 30% of output growth. This year, especially for large vertical machines, multi-station rotary machine and servo-saving machine sales increased dramatically, making the company's production capacity can not meet market demand. To solve this problem, we are planning to build a new plant, if all goes well, the end of September to start the construction. After the completion of the new plant, our production capacity is at least 3 to 4 times.
PT: There is no doubt that your company is already in the injection molding machine manufacturing industry firmly established "tayu" brand image, which has long insisted with your own research and development are inseparable. As a successful private enterprise, which your company makes you feel proud of things to share with us?
Mr. Yang Maorong: Yes, the market competition is brutal, to firmly establish the brand image, technology innovation is a very important part. Over the years, "through technological innovation, leading the development of the industry vertical injection molding machine" vision has been continued efforts to push us, scaled new heights. Since 2000, after nearly three years of our preparations, only in 2003 produced the first piece of equipment. Let us feel proud that after 10 years of ups and downs of tayu, has now strong enough to stand in the vertical presses industry. So far, tayu vertical machine industry in China has launched a number of "firsts" of equipment, including: pull to send the first fully automatic machine, the first servo-saving vertical injection molding machine, the first sets a high rate of fire vertical injection molding machine, the first micro-vertical injection molding machine, the first integrated liquid silicone molding machine, and in 2009 the world's first joint clamping and vertical injection molding machine to obtain the presses in 2010 Technology Innovation Award Vertical Turret, two-color dual function rotary machine and so on. All these achievements are all the technical strength of the show Yu and make progress fighting spirit!
PT: good company, you need to "Out." So, tayu in the "external", that is, customer service is how to do it? "Internal", that is, personnel training and management and what experience?
Mr. Yang Maorong: Since its inception, tayu has insisted on "full, rapid response" customer service philosophy, services include consulting, model selection, factory planning, design, equipment commissioning, technical support and maintenance and application, spare parts service and effective training. In short, tayu will consistently from the customer's needs, development of machinery, raw materials and mold problems to solve, and even provide training output, until the whole set of users for the equipment, product engineering, project services to customers, reduce costs and improve efficiency.
Internally, we emphasize improving the quality of staff is to enhance quality, improve the technology base. Therefore, tayu annual sales of 2% of invested training funds, various levels of training for the company. On the management side, over the years, tayu strive to standardize management, and adhere to the purpose of quality first, continuous learning in Europe and America, Japan and other developed countries, the advanced management experience, combined with continued introduction of talent and internal training, adhere to the ISO management system, the introduction and implementation of 6S site management, thus creating a good working environment, it is also effective in reducing production costs, promote efficiency.
PT: As far as we know, tayu machine built EPR (Enterprise Resource Planning) information management system, will move out of your company which considerations? The move will give your company's development in general?
Mr. Yang Maorong: Modern enterprises are facing the external environment is constantly changing, how to improve the overall responsiveness, so that each production can meet the needs of customers, has become the key to winning. tayu development has been nearly 10 years, despite the injection molding machine industry has made great progress, but still requires constant innovation, which refers not only to the technical level, but more importantly there is the management of innovation. In fact, the production site is the source of all management information, but also the corporate birthplace of infinite profits. Production site management and improvement of each company's most basic and most important activity, which is why the build tayu ERP information management system reasons. Through the use of ERP, we can clearly grasp the warehouse management, production management, material procurement and cost control and a series of information, to improve inventory turns, reduce inventory, reduce downtime to be expected time to increase production capacity to timely, high texture to complete customer orders, improve tayu credibility. In other words, management and monitoring of resources means not only to ensure that these resources can meet the needs of enterprises, but also can strengthen the overall grasp of the business environment.
PT: Today, the plastics industry in a period of rapid development, opportunities and challenges, then you have some of the future development of Yu what expectations? The future of the press industry, what think?
Mr. Yang Maorong: Currently, plastic raw materials continue to improve and enhance performance, thereby expanding the scope of application of plastic parts, thus promoting the market for a large demand for plastics processing equipment. Face of the endless stream of new materials and new technology, the strength of press enterprises have encountered a new challenge, stable, efficient, energy saving and environmental protection equipment will be the highlight of the future market. In order to meet changing market needs, the current tayu have to do is: 1. Strengthen the green low-carbon ideas, to promote energy-saving series of servo devices; 2 to the intelligent direction, from one person to operate a machine and gradually evolved into a one person operation three machines, then one person does not even need five people to operate; 3 into high-end technology innovation, technological innovation and process innovation, increase investment in research, the introduction of talent, to narrow the gap with international cutting-edge technology, and gradually replace imported equipment, and then to "tayu" brand successfully occupy the international market.
Recently, I visited Beijing University of Chemical Technology specifically the plastics industry and other related institutions of higher learning, to explore the current constraints of the domestic plastics industry factors, such as raw material problems. I am pleased that the country through science and technology public relations, technology, has successfully developed a number of new materials such as PEEK, so as to press the practical field and expand the space. I believe that the prospect of plastic machinery industry will be more beautiful!


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