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Haiya-style show on 22 th

Date:2009/10/27 10:42:33

April 17, 2008 - April 20, "22nd China International Plastics & Rubber Exhibition" successfully concluded in Shanghai. "Yu" - Fengyun plastic machinery industry bright pearl, with its unique exterior design, strong technical force, advanced configuration than in the same industry, sincere service attitude to attract domestic and foreign customer's eye.

     Stand next to the full every day all around, "Yu" and explain to them, "Yu" product features and products using advanced technologies and products in the same industry, the advantages of the product, the audience of "Dayu" attitude is very patient and sincere service satisfied, "Yu" in this exhibition show the "LSR liquid silicone machine" is to get customers and friends in the industry recognition. 3 copies of site signing, and a number of customer interest.

     Through this exhibition, "Yu" and the more confidence, "Yu" is more the direction of the future, we firmly believe that "Yu" will not live up to his clients and peers to send and the expectations of our customers will always create the best interests of the development goals as a continuous effort.


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