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2011 twenty-fifth Guangzhou International Plastics Exhibition

Date:2011/6/28 10:47:00


The Chinaplas exhibition is a global business machine to display new products, raising the strength of the industry event. This year's show, machinery limited company brought three new technology new product, caused the wide attention of exhibitors, received very good results exhibitors.

This exhibition we Dayu exhibited the most new generation TY-E full electric molding machine, rotary two-color machine injection molding machine, TYU low table turntable machine, this machine is the Dayu new technologies and is committed to the promotion of the main product.

" Yu" new generation" TY-E " series of vertical injection vertical mode locking of fully electric machine in precision molding on the hydraulic forming machine is better than ever, our pursuit of high precision, high efficiency, environmental protection, energy saving, so Yu after the previous hydraulic composite device to conduct a comprehensive study, and timely introduction a new generation of fully electric injection molding machine, which adopts the servo motor and ball screw, preformed servo electric machine direct drive, fast response, high stability when in forming precision parts, precision is good. Yu's vertical double color injection molding machine, in the market has a great share, former two-color molding products, need to use a machine, injection of a first color material, each product by the turnover to another machine for a two completion of the injection molding, and two-color machine to machine it can be molded, two-color machine for saving labor, saving space, saving energy, improving molding quality and widely used. Yu TYU series ultra low table injection molding machine, is Yu spent a lot of effort to the development of practical products, table is greatly reduced, which enables the operator to substantially reduce the work strong degree, convenient product fetching and mould replacement, and greatly reduced the plant height requirements, therefore, the current TYU series injection molding machine this year the company has become one of the main products, the industry also began to die imitation, Dayu in rich in its own product line at the same time, the creation of value for customers, for the industry to make a positive contribution.

Company general manager Mr Yang Maorong told reporters, the three products are in the past based on the modified form, is Yu technology team with painstaking research, undertake the technology tackles key problem the valuable fruits. In addition to the machinery itself of innovative technologies, machinery advanced equipment is a major bright spot, such as the Austria Sigmatek electric control system, with the upper end of the hydraulic control valve, to achieve the precision injection, rapid reaction, improve machine performance and efficiency, can be said to fill the domestic gaps in the field of precision injection.

Since its inception, Dayu in their respective areas on the intensive and meticulous farming, with excellent product quality and superior technology to win the customer's good reputation, and occupy a considerable market share. The first quarter of this year, Yu's sale innovates again tall -- an increase of about 21.8%. Although this result is good, but Yang Yu think there is still much room for improvement, will not be big with pride, will be more efforts to enhance the self I, achieve new breakthrough. In recent years, in order to further enhance the performance of the whole machine, Dayu choice with some international hydraulic fluid giants in close cooperation, such as Germany Rexroth, Japan Oil Institute, obtained remarkable result, now Dayu products more close to international standards.

" The successful development, mostly in innovation in the innovation. We will adhere to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, and through continuous research and innovation to upgrade products, to meet customer needs change rapidly." Yang said," at present, China on precision machine needs very large space, but are mainly rely on imports. We hope that through their own efforts and input, shorten as soon as possible with the international advanced machine manufacturers distance, boosting Chinese machine industry to span type develops!"


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