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Vertical injection molding machine, horizontal injection molding machine characteristics

Date:2011/12/6 17:54:49

Injection molding machine injection unit and clamping device according to the arrangement can be divided into vertical, horizontal and vertical and horizontal composite. Its own characteristics as follows.

Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine

1. Injection unit and clamping device in the same vertical center line, and up and down along the direction of mold opening and closing. The area is only about half of the horizontal machine, therefore, converted into an area about twice as productive around.
2. Easy to implement insert molding. Because the mold surface facing up, insert into the positioning easier. Used under the template fixed on the template moving the aircraft, pull and mechanical conveyor belt combination of palmistry, it can easily be fully automated insert molding.
3. The weight of the mold level template support for opening and closing movements up and down, not horizontal machine similar due to gravity due to the mold before the fall, making the template can not be opening and closing of the phenomenon. Help maintain the sustainability of precision machinery and molds.
4. By a simple robot can remove all plastic cavity, is conducive to precision molding.
5. Clamping device is generally open around the open, easy to configure various types of automated devices, adapted to complex and sophisticated products, automatic molding.
6. Pull the input conveyor with easy installation of the middle of the string over the mold, molding is easy to realize automatic production.
7. Easy to ensure that the mold resin flow and mold temperature distribution uniformity.
8. Equipped with a rotating table, moving table and tilt table form, easy to implement insert molding, mold combination forming.
9. Small series production, the mold structure is simple, low cost, and easy to uninstall.
10. Withstood the test of several earthquakes, vertical plane as the center of gravity is low, relative to horizontal seismic resistance machines better.

Characteristics of horizontal injection molding machine

1. Mainframe as the body that is low, for the placement of the plant without height restrictions.
2. Product can be automatically fall occasions, without the use of robots can be automatically formed.
3. As the body is low, easy feeding, maintenance is easy.
4. Die to be installed by crane.
5. Multiple parallel arrangement, the molded product is easy to collect packaging from the conveyor belt.


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