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Several common methods of plastic welding

Date:2011/12/6 18:01:10

1, hot plate welding methods:

Principle: directly through the metal hot plate welding of plastic parts surface heating, up to a certain melting point, hot plate out, and then the two plastic pieces put some pressure, to achieve the purpose of welding

Apply: for PE, PP, nylon, ABS and other plastic materials heat workpiece can be plastic, such as lights, water tank, washing machine balance ring, spray buckets, etc.

2, spin welding method

Principle: The motor rotation speed so that the plastic heat generated by friction between the workpiece, melting the plastic workpiece contact surface, and then by external pressure, drive to the upper and lower parts solidified as a whole, the combination of permanent

Apply: filter (reverse osmosis filter household and industrial filter, medicine, filter, activated carbon filter ... ... ...)

Plastic cup (double cup, beer cup, cups, vases, utensils class ...)

Gardening supplies (water-jet head, playing mist, water head ...)

Ball (tunnel ball, and other practice balls, floats, toys, balls ...)

3, ultrasonic welding methods:

Principle: Ultrasonic plastic welding works by high-voltage generator, high-frequency signals, the use of energy welding head (hom) passed to the plastics processing material on the surface and through the internal friction between the molecules leaving the high temperature plastic contact surface, at the moment rapidly dissolve the plastic joints, AC, complete fusion in the process of a second

Application: widely used in electronics, appliances, auto parts, plastic toys, stationery, handicrafts, cosmetics and other industries

4, high-frequency welding method

Principle: The main principle is self-excited oscillator by a tube of plastic high frequency electric field to reverse the polarity of molecules to produce repeated friction heat, and thus achieve the purpose of welding

Application: all kinds of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) based plastics, which products are shoes, trademarks, stickers, raincoat, Yu Fan, umbrellas, purses, handbags, beach bags, stationery, brand, inflatable toys, water bed, car and motorcycle seat, sun visors, door panels, a special hard shell vacuum-packed

5, melt welding method

Principle: directly through the heating plate temperature of the heating parts for heating, dissolution, to rivet pieces of metal implants, or the purpose of

Application: suitable for screw implantation and thermal riveting, such as switches, mobile phones, all kinds of electronic products.

6 plastic mouth machine is mainly used for plastic and paper card, blister heat sealing packaging, the use of pulse heating principle (36V voltage to bakelite mold heating) according to the size of the workpiece (heat sealing area) to select a different output current and power of time, then cooling the case of heat sealing pressure to complete packaging. Transparent beauty packaging products, packaging speed.

Mainly applicable to packaged toys, stationery, daily necessities, cosmetics, industrial products and hardware, small tools, etc., sealed into a beautiful clear coat, as far as possible by packaging materials show a variety of benefits at a glance.


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