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Injection molding machine dedicated robot purchase

Date:2011/12/6 18:01:43

Currently on the market many types of injection molding robot, how so many of the species selected for the robot manipulator is indeed a very real problem. Who want to apply robot plant technical staff, the need for the robot to choose from the following aspects:

The first is the existing understanding of the tonnage injection molding machines. Different tonnage injection molding machines corresponding to different sizes of template size and the security gate height, the template size directly determines the robot's travel, security door height affect the product from mold to mold outside is smooth out, these two key dimensions to determine the then we must consider how the payload of the robot is not enough weight injection molding products.

Second, is the robot's performance and ease of evaluation. Robot performance often through its movement speed and repeatability to reflect, velocity is reflected in the response speed and high speed, this requires the implementation of parts to inspect, in particular, the cylinder and solenoid valve choice determines the performance . Repeatability mainly through the robot's mechanical components to reflect the precision machining and assembly. Robot's ease of use is mainly reflected in the friendly man-machine interface, is able to do to maximize the human is one of the greatest difficulties, so the operator can not see the operating instructions for the robot safely and effectively operate.

Once again, the mechanical reliability and service quality hand evaluation. And other mechanical devices, mechanical hand parts will be applicable to failure, so the warranty period of careful observation, evaluation of the warranty period, not only to examine the main components of the relevant period, in particular, to examine those that are not within the scope of warranty vulnerable parts of the crystal plates, a three-year warranty period, the robot is not necessarily a cost-effective than the one year warranty. Reliability, mainly through the quality of parts and assembly personnel proficiency to reflect, just high-quality parts does not necessarily guarantee high-quality machines. Service industries have been focusing their efforts is now a part of robot in the course are bound to be problems, so the quality of service is very important, so the robot's choice to give priority to the rapid after-sales service and quality.


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