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Vertical injection molding machines for insert molding a brief description of various types of

Date:2011/12/6 18:04:24

Vertical injection molding machine is mainly used in insert molding and metal injection molding on the substrate
Insert molding (insert molding) refers to the pre-loaded in the mold insert different materials prepared after the injection of resin, melt bonding material curing and inserts, molded products made of integrated construction method. Substrate injection molding (outsert molding) refers to the local board on the metal injection molding parts embedded in the construction method. VS Series fixed for the next template, the template on the movable vertical injection molding machine. Oriented organization with a new, improved the vertical insert molding insert the stability, achieve high-precision molding. Application and insert molding, metal forming and drawing with injection molding on the substrate.

Fully automatic vertical injection molding machine with a pull system

Pull the belt molding (hoop molding) is a thin metal on the reel after reel machine with a pull into the mold through the vertical injection molding machine to bring embedded in the plastic pull, pull with the send off by the press into the product. VS Series is the most adapted to insert, pull the precision with vertical injection molding machine.

Mold assembly injection molding system

Injection molding mold assembly (in-mold assembing and molding), also known as insert molding (insert molding), refers to the mold by robot into different materials prepared in advance with the insert after the injection of resin or metal, the molten material with embedded bonding curing conditions, integration of products made of molded construction method.

Vertical two-color injection molding machine

With a clamping device and two sets of two-color injection molding machine equipment.

Vertical injection molding machine CIM ceramic materials

Major projects are: ceramic powder and resin binder through the melt - kneading - Vacuum deaeration - made of particles forming material - injection molding machine - molding skim - sintering - product processing. Ceramic products are heat, abrasion resistance, drugs and hard features.

BMC molding Vertical injection molding machine (dual-curing machine)

For wet "BMC block molding material," the vertical clamping dedicated rotary horizontal injection molding machine. Injection device has screw and plunger to choose from. BMC (Bulk Molding Compound) is an unsaturated polyester resin in a mixture of glass fibers, filler composition of the soil block thermoset molding material. Materials, curing time is short, anti-wet heat resistance and good sound absorption in the automotive, audio and video products, strong electrical products, OA / FA, closed molding and other fields are widely used

Vacuum collapse FBT dip machine

Machine head with 16 nozzles, vacuum chamber with a transfer device. Two kinds of liquid materials after deaeration - Mixed - metered into the electronics inside a vacuum sealed molding space.

Liquid injection molding material

Liquid silicone (LSR) molding materials such as liquid molding manufacturers. Liquid silicone through a unique mix of stationary mixing devices - Measurement - pressure injection mold curing - molding. Silicone products for a variety of high-precision molding and no excess material forming. Application in liquid silicone insulators, surge arresters and other products on the shape. LIM series injection molding machine capacity of 100-10000cm3, also applies to the epoxy resin, polyurethane and other liquid materials forming. Because the materials are available from the mold to shape the conditions of one-stop service, so well with Kobe at home.

Vertical metal powder injection molding machine MIM

Metal powder and resin binder heated kneading, molding materials made of particles from the injection molding machine, after degreasing - sintering - can be made after the processing of precision metal products. Magnetic materials are also suitable for plastic molding.

Extended C-type shape-based products

It adopts vertical C-arm balance, under the way the template is fixed, the clamping down on the template, easy to mold thickness adjustment. Disability is no bar in front, cable installation, molding, easy to move out. Equipped with a mobile table (option) to reduce the operating strength, improve production efficiency.


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