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Sales of the seven core competencies elite

Date:2009/7/22 10:01:41

First, endurance
Patience is not easy to do the most, did sales people know that a customer does not just start when you want to be patient. Have seen a lot of people just halfway into the retail industry's results are not adhered to, you may need to be patient a month, six months or even a year began to accumulate to some customers, your performance and income to a corresponding increase, so if You are opportunists do not do sales. In the sales process still need to be patient. And customer appointment time, you arrive on time, but customers are temporary or emergency meeting, how you? Patience, or you will lose the customer. Early years I have been a knock on the door sales, a twenty nine-story buildings, each eight people, from the "sweep" up, see the knock on the door, the result is 20% of people knocking on your extreme aversion , the door will not open you "roll"; 40% of people are not very patient, open the door to tell you "brisk walking"; 30% showed little reaction, said, "I do not need," and only 10% of the people to have patience to listen to introduce you to After your product, but not necessarily to buy. No patience to do forever?
Second, self-control
Sales staff are often fighting single-handedly, and sales staff development day to go to customers, maintain customer, all of which can not be completely under the supervision of the leadership, corporate control is the only day reporting, and daily meeting to report the individual's work situation, but it is very easy if you really want to be lazy, such as deliberately to distant customers, where the road can rest; had half an hour talking about the result, lied to about three hours, etc., in this way in addition to harm the interests of enterprises, more importantly, also hinder their own development. A friend of mine, when Mr. Chang Yim international media company in China Account Director, he said that sales of the year just to join the work regardless of wind and rain every day 8 am to 10 pm go home, eat bread at noon hungry and mineral water, three months without a break, before signing the first customer. It was with this self-development requirements and good self-control, my friend can get today. This success does not depend on the "Daily call table", "report on the situation every day," forced out, relies entirely on self-control.
Third, the ability to communicate
Communication is essential for sales staff, communication with two meanings: First, the collection of accurate information about each other, understand each other's true intentions, while also accurately convey their messages to each other, and second, through the appropriate means of communication (such as tone , intonation, facial expressions, posture, manner of speaking, etc.) makes the conversation easier to reach consensus on both sides. Good communication is the key to successful sales, sales director once had a talk with the owner of a supermarket several times insisted on the other side refused to be admitted to our products, able to fulfill the tasks which were felt great pressure sales director, I look at this situation decided to go along with him called the "unreasoning," the boss. But the director has been given prior to the "proactive" approach, I repeatedly told "Today you only when Peiqia, do not talk, let me repeat that control of each other." To see the owner of the supermarket, we found each other less than thirty have been opened in the city's three medium-sized supermarket, and a look of brilliance naturally imagine. In the sales director, after a brief introduction, I use more Gongqian attitude that today is only to him "talk", "make friends", "to learn from him and look at the local market conditions", and then up to 3 hours conversation, I basically just say "on", "ah" "amazing", the boss of his pioneering family history were all poured out, and finally he said, "and you talk really well." I mentioned the last 5 minutes on what products to enter his store, he promised mouthful. Back and look at ways to communicate with the sales director, Ben saw each other only theme, "We are well-known manufacturers, famous brand, your goods into our can rest assured." The white of the general store that might be useful, but for this " young and promising, "the boss, he do not think these famous enterprises, what brand are not. It can be seen that communication plays a vital role in the sales process.
Fourth, the observation
Observation is not simply look at a lot of sales personnel, first class is to learn to "see" the market, this look is not random browsing, but with a professional perspective and knowledge to careful observation, the observation that important information. For example, most people would stroll to the store to know what products in the promotion, how much money what products, and professional sales staff can observe more information: you have not noticed others sell a good product because of what? Prices, premiums, packaging ... with what gifts? What material? How to make it? Packaging done well, good? Color, shape, material, can have other uses (such as food packaging, you can run out when the jar). Promotion of competition and what brand? Specific time period? Specific forms of activity, which involved way? Competition within the store brand manufacturers from 28 to 29, which increases the manufacturers, is a potential threat to us? Its main product and price positioning how? ... ... Too much information you need to be carefully observed that many sales staff in their training for a long time after, asking him to "see" the market still can not get useful information, then I can only say that you do not sell this work for . Sales personnel are members of each enterprise feedback, by observing a large number of accurate information for sales staff feedback is a major responsibility.
Fifth, analytical
Analysis and observation are inseparable, observed information, analysis, conclusion. Product from the shelf to see that you can analyze the distribution of what? Put in the best position on the display or sale is the best variety, or is the factory's main product at this time; analysis by production date, production date closer description of the product sales and the more normal circulation, production date Description is too long, slow-moving state of the product; through price analysis, a significant reduction in the price lower than the previous description of the product by the excessive pressure of competing products, the sales situation is not ideal, prices go higher, the product's overall market prices of raw materials , leading to surge in production costs, product market is in short supply or the state. These indirect information must be obtained through careful analysis. Also in negotiations with customers from the other conversation in which you are showing the other side of the information analysis of the "cards" and the mind, such as entering negotiations to buy hand to give you a price reported as sales staff is certainly not a promise, analysis of the other tone look to speak with words spying, and then analyze whether there is the possibility of lower prices, rate how much space and so on.
VI execution
Execution is reflected in the overall quality of sales staff, but do not meet the target is a spirit does not give up. Sales staff in the implementation of the plan often encounter difficulties, then if you only say "this thing is too difficult manager, do not." Leadership you can only say, "Well, I find the people to be able to complete to do. " Things can not be called task is not difficult, everyone can do something but also fail to reflect your values. A city home to large chain stores, A store a dozen stores in the city, for the occupation of the city's most important end-market, B Zhang, the company decided to let the sales people get this, Zhang took over in the first few have been Excellent sales staff defeated, because the store is in the local retail boss, so has always been high-handed, there is no admission fee acquaintances asking price is high, and do not give the opportunity to counter-offer. But the company requires "reasonable" under the cost approach, how to execute this command go? Zhang received the task of sleepless nights, if the task is completed, promotion is a matter of course, but the company also will be able to fulfill the mission that he was "lack of capacity, can not run the company's plans." Next, Zhang went to visit the store's purchasing managers Hwang A few times, waited a long time did not even see the face, he knew it was the other deliberately did not give him any opportunity to lower prices, forced him to agree to harsh conditions. Zhang then turn learned from Hwang Hwang's wife under a bank, he found a friend to do the insurance initiative to promote awareness of the insurance on the grounds Hwang's wife, and later his wife, Zhang and Huang understanding then the kids to buy gifts and other means to draw closer, until the time is ripe introduced to his wife by the Hwang Hwang, Hwang deeply well-intentioned Zhang, Zhang successfully completed the final task. Examples of this are not uncommon in sales. Accordingly, the Executive is not to sales staff to find reasons for things, but you find ways to achieve results. The results of your leaders is most concerned about is your ability to manifest.
Seven, learning ability
As a sales staff need access to knowledge has broad knowledge from the marketing to finance, management, and relevant industry knowledge, etc., you can definitely say that the sales "overall quality" competition, the face of so much knowledge and information is not strong ability to learn is not to compete. Only sales techniques, for example, from sales to listen to the guided selling, and then only to the question-sales consultative selling ... ... changing renovation sales techniques, sales staff only as a good variety of marketing techniques to master in order to win in the competition . Of course, sales staff need to learn much more than sales skills, and also must have the ability to learn by analogy, there is no good learning ability, decide the outcome in terms of speed, speed is bound to decide the future of today will be eliminated.


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