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2009 TAYU The new masterpiece

Date:2009/7/27 10:15:45

2009 TAYU The new masterpiece

"Understanding customer needs, providing customers with the most suitable equipment" has been TAYU of service, 2009 through TAYU the world's first multi-party efforts - TYU Series vertical injection molding machine clamping linkage was finally released, and effective solution to a large tonnage of all the height of vertical injection molding machine problems!

Yu TYU series models: :90-680T clamping force injection volume :120-3000g

1, user-friendly design: ultra-low table, reduce labor intensity, easy to operate, safe!
2, the whole height reduced plant height restriction effectively solve the problem!

Since then, customers no longer need a high degree of plant and equipment problems to worry about; staff to operate more relaxed!


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