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TC-1200DL Pre branch cable Injection Molding Machine

     TAYU Machinery Co., Ltd. is a Chinese professional injection molding machine factory mainly produces: vertical injection molding machine, bakelite injection molding machine, BMC injection molding machine, insert injection molding machine

TC-1200DL Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine:
Vertical clamping, vertical injection, safe and prevent mould from weigh, it fit for inserts plastic molding.

Technical parameters

  型号  Model  Units TC-750DL




螺杆直径 Screw Diameter mm φ70
射出压力 Injection Pressure Kg/cm2 1167
理论射出容 Theoretical Shot volume cm3 1077
射出量(P.S) Max. Shot Weight g/Oz 1308/46
射出率 Injection Rate cm3/sec 327
温控区 Temperature Control ZONE 5
料斗容量 Material Hopper Capacity L 25




合模力 Clamping Force T 75
开模力 Opening Force T 11.5
最小模厚 Min Mold Height mm 200
开模行程 Opening Stroke mm 270
最大开模距 Max. Open Daylight mm 470
射嘴中心 Nozzle Center Height mm 150±20
射嘴中心距 Nozzle Center Distance mm 75





最大液压 Max. Hydraulic Pressure Kg/cm2 140
作动油量 Pump Output L 400
油泵电机 Pump Motor Power Kw 18.5
电热容量 Barrel Heating Power Kw 18
总用电量 Total Wattage Kw 36.5

Template size

Before:TY-850.3R.2C Two-color Rotary injection molding machine After:TK-3500.2C Large Two-color injection molding machine

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