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    TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd. is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer in China. It possesses two core manufacture bases in Zhejiang Hangzhou and Guangdong Dongguan respectively. It specializes in research, develop and manufacture high precision plastic injection equipment such as vertical  injection molding machine,rubber injection molding machine,bakelite injection molding machine, BMC injection molding machine,Insert injection molding machine. TAYU positioning its products in middle and high-end market, with the idea of make equal to Europe and Japan advance technology as its long term development. Improve and innovate constantly, making series high quality and high precision vertical injection molding machine. Through years development, TAYU has established more than 20 offices around China, it find a good sale in more than 10 foreign countries like Germany, Japan, India, Indonesia, Iran, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil etc. rely on strong research and develop power, advanced quality management system, internationalization service level, TAYU has been an excellent plastic machinery manufacturer with the core competitiveness of self-innovation technological precedence.        
Representative clients:        
    Germany Siemens、Japan's Panasonic Japan、Japan's Toshiba、Japan's Nishikawa、Shenzhen's AAC、FAW Group、Second Automobile Group、Honeywell Germany、Beijing ABB、China National Petroleum Corporation、China Midea Group.
The main technical results: * Rotary machines series
* Special machines for golf
* High-speed & high pressure plastic injection machines
* J series energy-saving plastic injection machines
* Liquid silicon rubber plastic injection machines(LSR)
* BMC, bakelite injection molding machines
* MIM powder metal injection molding machines
* Bicolor (multicolor) injection molding machines
* IMD interior decorated injection molding machines
* APC series full automatic belt molding machines

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TAYU Injection Molding Machine Product: injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine bakelite injection molding machine BMC injection molding machine rubber injection molding machine insert injection molding machine