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Rubber injection molding machine operation precautions

Date:2011-12-06 17:55:27

Develop good habits of Rubber injection molding machine operating life of the machine and to improve production safety are good.

First, before you start:

(1) Check the electrical control box if there is water, oil, into, if the electrical damp, do not boot. Maintenance personnel should be dry before turning the electrical parts.
(2) Check Rubber injection molding machine whether the supply voltage, generally should not exceed ± 15%.
(3) Check the emergency stop switch, front and rear door switches are normal. Verify the direction of rotation of the motor and pump are the same.
(4) Check Rubber injection molding machine the cooling pipe is smooth, and the oil cooler and the barrel end of the pass into the cooling water jacket cooling water.
(5) Check whether the active portion of oil (fat) and add a little oil.
(6) Open the heating, the sections of the heating barrel. When the temperature requirements of each segment, and then holding for some time to make the machine temperature to stabilize. Holding time depending on the requirements of equipment and plastic raw materials vary.
(7) to add a little enough in the hopper of plastic. According to the requirements of different plastic injection molding, some raw materials is best to go through dry.
(8) to cover the heat shield on the barrel, it saves energy, but also to extend the electric ring and contactor life.

Second, the operation:

(1) not for the sake of convenience, free to cancel the role of security doors.
(2) to observe the temperature of the oil pressure, oil temperature should not exceed the prescribed range. Hydraulic oil should be maintained at the ideal operating temperature 45 ~ 50 ℃, and the average in the range of 35 ~ 60 ℃ more appropriate.
(3) to adjust the travel limit switches, to avoid the impact generated when the machine in action.

Third, the end of the work:

(1) stop before the plastic barrel machine should clean up the remaining material to prevent oxidation or thermal decomposition of long-term.
(2) should be the mold opens, the elbow locking bar mechanism for a long time in the state.
(3) The workshop must have a lifting device. Assembly and Disassembly Mold and other heavy components should be very careful to ensure production safety.


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