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Rubber injection molding machine computer control system

Date:2014-06-03 14:09:02

        In the plastics processing industry is a major Rubber injection molding machine injection molding equipment , production of injection molded plastic accounts for more than 30% of the total products.
        It features easy-to- production automation , short production cycle , adaptable , high production efficiency . Other than a fluorine plastic , almost all thermoplastics can be molded using such devices . Original mold injection molding machine , injection, holding pressure , mold and other actions generally are used relay ) contactor control systems. Detecting element wiring complexity , poor reliability, low level of integration . In order to make effective the function of the injection molding machine to play and improve the reliability of the production process. In this paper, computer control system to replace the traditional control lines . So that the operation of the injection molding machine to achieve the automation.
        One works with the hardware interface
        1.1 Principle of the injection molding machine workflow can be divided into : preheat , mold , injection, when Paul rolling , molding , top hit , display and other processes. Some of these processes are intermittent production process , or can change over time to control the position of each process . Installation time or in a different position limit switch or proximity switch , and starts the timer of the CPU, if sports bodies to reach the end or specific location within the specified time, then trigger the corresponding limit switch or proximity switch , the system considers the current action executed, otherwise stop and fault alarm . Due to the injection molding machine more action process, and due process requires some action , control points shall be provided in multiple locations , parameter switching. During the same time respond to the start interrupt response , to determine the current status of the operation , after confirmation, turn on or off the appropriate enforcement agency , complete the required action. The entire production process through seven processes , and thus the sequential control system can automatically complete these seven processes.
        Hardware 1.2 control system design based on the control system functional requirements , combined with a wealth of microcontroller hardware resources , the system uses M CS - 51 Series 8031 chip as the central processor , peripheral expansion of a RAM (6264) and a EPROM (2764). In addition to the basic unit of the microcontroller , the system includes a parallel interface 8255, ADC1200, and six 8 -segment LED display ( dynamic display ) composition. Figure 1 is a circuit block diagram of the hardware interface .
        2 Software Design System software by the main program , co- mold process, injection routines, subroutines when Paul rolling , open mold process , the top hit routines, display , total production subroutines. In the system software design, mold control program by the limit switch , it could fit into slow and fast together two processes. By the time the injection process is transferred to the control , in this time , the size of the pump controlled by the operation of the solenoid valve to control the work of the hydraulic oil system . And when Paul rolled , apparently also by the time control to open mold process. When the mold , and the limit switch is controlled by , from slow to fast open open . Hit the top , namely the production process , from the time the former controlling its transfer ; latter indicates that switching action. If the warm-up this operation so independent, then only need to go through the entire production process six . Control tasks of the system lies in the completion of this six -controlled automatic process .
        3 Conclusion This design feature ensures accurate detection of the movement signal , the performance achieved reliable and efficient operation of the signal output . Increase the degree of automation equipment. Through the injection molding machine retrofit applications , has been well verified , injection molding machines to meet the stringent requirements of the action sequence . Better market prospects.


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