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The 9th Indonesian Plastic Exhibition

Date:2014/11/17 11:14:33

Dear visitors:

By courtesy of the partners from all walks of life for a long time for us to Tayu's support and love!

The 9th Indonesian Int'I Plastic Exhibition Jakarta International Expo Kemayoran.
3-6 September 2014
Industry: rubber and plastic
Host countries: Indonesia
The host city, Jakarta
Exhibition name: JIE international conference and exhibition center in Jakarta

The exhibition on full display:All kinds of rubber, plastic machinery, plastic packaging machinery, auxiliary equipment, equipment, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic elements, raw materials, chemical additives, rubber and plastic mold and mold technology, welding, such as logistics equipment.
Based on expand business visibility, set up the brand reputation, and actively expand domestic and international market needs, our company will be fully show to cater to local plastics industry production of injection molding equipment.
There will show some typical energy-saving servo injection molding machine, etc. At the appointed time, warmly welcome new and old customers, domestic and foreign merchants to visit our booth and the consultation and guidance work!
Booth number: F01         booth contacts: Wang  manager          Contact phone number: 13758276070


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