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China's exports year-on-year increase of injection molding products

Date:2014/11/19 14:32:33

 In 2014 October China's imports of primary shape injection plastic 1960000 tons, relatively on the month is added to reduce the 220000 tons, an increase of 14.14%; 1-10 month accumulative total primary shapes of plastic injection molding products exported 21160000 tons, an increase of 5.7%.10 month of China's natural and synthetic rubber imports 300000 tons, year-on-year last month flat; 1-10 China imported a total of 3350000 natural and synthetic rubber tons, an increase of 7.8%.

The latest customs data show that in 2014 October China injection molding products export 810000 tons, relatively on the month increases 10000 tons, an increase of 5.26%; 1-10 month injection products exported 7830000 tons, an increase of 6.6%.


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