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Maintenance and fault analysis of the causes of vertical injection molding machine maintenance

Date:2015/3/25 9:40:51

First, the vertical injection molding machine failure category
   Vertical injection molding machine failures are diverse, from different angles can its category.
   1. Press the failure state can be divided into:
   (1) gradual onset fault. Vertical injection molding machine is due to the gradual deterioration of the initial performance and generated most of the vertical injection molding machine failures are part of such a failure. Such failures and electronically controlled, hydraulic machinery yuan parts wear, corrosion, fatigue and creep processes are closely related.
   (2) sudden failure. Various unfavorable factors and occasional interaction outside influences arising from this effect is beyond the vertical injection molding machine can withstand the limit. For example: physical appearance due to barrel into the iron overload caused by broken screw; and breakdown due to high pressure in series vertical injection molding machine electronic board. Such failures often occur suddenly, without any prior warning.
   Sudden failure occurred in the vertical injection molding machine application stage, often due to the design, manufacture, assembly and material defects or operational errors, caused by illegal operations.
   2. Press the nature of the fault can be divided into:
   (1) intermittent failures. Vertical injection molding machine in the short term loss of some of its features, debugging can restore a little repair, no replacement parts.
   (2) a permanent failure. Vertical injection molding machine has been damaged in some parts need to be replaced or repaired to restore applications.
   3. Failure impact can be divided into:
   (1) complete failure. Resulting in a complete loss of function of vertical injection molding machine.
   (2) localized failure. Resulting in some loss of function vertical injection molding machine.
   4. The cause is divided by the fault can be divided into:
   (1) failure to wear. Due to normal wear and tear caused by vertical injection molding machine failure.
   (2) misuse of failure. Due to operator error, failure caused by improper maintenance.
   (3) the inherent weakness of the fault. Because of design problems, make vertical injection molding machine appear weak link, the fault generated during normal use.
   5. Press the risk of dividing the fault can be divided into:
   (1) the risk of failure. For example, the security system in action when needed due to failure to lose the protective effect, causing bodily harm and vertical injection molding machine malfunction; hydraulic electronic control system malfunction caused by failure.
   (2) security failures. Security systems such as the action happens when the action is not required; vertical injection molding machine can not be started when the start of the fault.
   6. Press the vertical injection molding machine failure occurs, the law of development can be divided into;
   (1) random failures. Failure occurred is random.
   (2) there is a fault rule. There are certain rules failures occur.
   Each fault has its important characteristic, i.e., a so-called failure modes, or fault condition. Fault status of various vertical injection molding machine is commensurate complicated, but can be summarized in the following several kinds: abnormal vibration, mechanical wear and tear, so that the computer can not accept the input signal, the solenoid valve is no output signal, proportional hydraulics components rupture ,, linear imbalance hydraulic pressure drop, hydraulic leaks, oil pump failure, hydraulic noise, circuit aging, abnormal sound, oil deterioration, power drop, enlarged board has no output, thermal runaway and others. Various failure modes of different types of vertical injection molding machine is different proportion.
   Second, failure analysis and troubleshooting procedures
   To ensure the failure analysis and troubleshooting of fast, effective, must follow certain procedures, such a procedure is as follows.
   Under the first step in maintaining symptom analysis site status
   1. ask the operator
   A fault what happened? In the current situation what happened? When did it happen?
   Two vertical injection molding machine has already started the long run?
   The first three failure there any anomalies? What sound or audible alarm signal? Presence of smoke or odor? Whether or misuse (note inquiry method)?
   4 control system is operating properly? Whether the change in operating procedures? When the operation is extraordinary difficult or abnormal?
   2. Observe the whole situation, the operating parameters
   1 whether the apparent anomaly? Parts for jamming or injury? No loose or leaking hydraulic system? Wires for cracks, scratches or burned?
   What happens to two vertical injection molding machine operating parameters? Whether the apparent interference signal? Without obvious damage to the signal?
   3. Check the monitor indicating device
   1 Check that all readings are normal, including pressure gauges and other instruments readings, height status of the oil.
   2 Check the filter, alarm and interlock operation output or display properly.
   4. Jog vertical injection molding machine inspection (at agreed conditions)
   Check the status of intermittent, lasting status, the status of the fast forward or slow forward time to see whether these affect the output in the current situation, whether it may cause damage or other hazards.
   The second step to check vertical injection molding machine (including parts, components and wiring)
   1. Use the sensory examination (in-depth observation of the process of succession)
   1 See: plug and socket without exception, operation of the motor or pump is normal, adjust the position control accuracy, with or without signs of arcing or burning fuse is good or bad, fluid leaks, lubricants and other road is smooth.
   2 Touch: vertical injection molding machine vibration status, Yuan (Group) piece heat, tubing temperature, state of the mechanical movement.
   3: whether the abnormal sound.
   4 sniffing: whether the burning smell, the smell of leaking other odors.
   5 Charles: shape and position of the workpiece changes, changes in vertical injection molding machine performance parameters, line error checking.
   2. Evaluation of test results
   Accurate assessment to determine whether the fault, the fault is found clues, the test results are consistent.
   The third step of determining the location of the fault
   1. The difference between the system structure and to determine the test mode
   Check vertical injection molding machine specification, vertical injection molding machine is the difference between what a structure, conduct tests in what way, what test means necessary, what test parameters or performance parameters may be obtained under what operating conditions test, which must comply with safety measures, if required operating licenses.
   2. The system detected
   Using the most suitable system architecture technology testing. At the appropriate test points, depending on the input and feedback the results or performance of the normal standard for comparison, to identify suspicious locations.
   The fourth step repair or replacement
   1. Repair
   Finding the cause, for the vertical injection molding machine repair faults and take precautions; check the relevant parts to prevent failures from spreading.
   2. Replace
   Accurate assembly debugging replacement parts, and pay attention to the relevant parts. Repaired or replaced parts scrapped.
   The fifth step for performance measurement
   1. Start the vertical injection molding machine
   After the commissioning start assembling parts vertical injection molding machine, manually (or jog), then load and load measurement.
   2. Adjust the load changes from low to high speed, small to large loads, the system pressure may not exceed 140kg / cm2, measured according to the standard performance.
   3. To expand the scope of the performance test
   According to need, from the local to the system, and gradually expand the scope of the performance test. Pay attention to non-fault zone system health. Performance requirements are satisfied as to deliver applications such requirements are not satisfied with the re-determine the fault position.
   The sixth step recording and feedback
   1. collect valuable information and data, such as time vertical injection molding machine failure, the failure phenomenon, downtime, when repairman, repair replacement parts, repair effect, unresolved issues, settlement costs, according to the requirements exist into the archives.
   2. Statistical Analysis
   Regular analysis of vertical injection molding machine application to record, analyze downtime, revision notes directory to find measures to reduce maintenance operation point, development failure mechanism, suggest improvements.
   3. Press the program feedback about the failure to report the competent authorities, and feedback to the vertical injection molding machine manufacturing units. Third, the failure to start the program governance
   Failure to do vertical injection molding machine control, we must grasp the reasons for failure, often accumulate fat breakdown and typical breakdown of information and data, carry out fault analysis, emphasis on fault law and failure mechanism of the development, strengthening of routine maintenance, inspection and pre-repair . Expand the program failure of governance in the following eight areas.
   1. improving information and education, so that operation of the workers and maintenance workers on the vertical injection molding machine consciously serious fault records, statistics, analysis, rationalization proposals.
   2. The close connection with the actual production of injection and vertical injection molding machine status characteristics, divided by the vertical injection molding machine in a, b, c three categories to determine the point of failure of governance.
   3. The use of monitoring equipment, parts of the main points of the main points of vertical injection molding machine in a planned monitoring, and found signs of failure and degradation of information.
   Generally vertical injection molding machine to go through the human senses and the general detection tools for routine inspection, patrol inspection, periodic inspection (including accuracy checking), good condition inspection focused grasp technological failure-prone parts of the state, institutional and parts and anomalies information. The same time to develop inspection standards to determine vertical injection molding machine normal, abnormal, fault boundaries.
   4. Conduct failure analysis, training, vertical injection molding machine repairman grasp failure analysis methods.
   5. Failure to achieve record vertical injection molding machine failures of governance biography, but also for failure analysis, based on the original deal, the records must be complete and accurate. After the vertical injection molding machine maintenance workers on site inspection and troubleshooting, follow the "vertical injection molding machine troubleshooting single" fill in the content, the workshop mechanic and submit monthly statistical analysis of vertical injection molding machine control supervisor.
   6. Workshop vertical injection molding machine maintenance staff in addition to routine failure to grasp the current situation, but should be pooled month "troubleshooting list" and maintenance records. Through statistical failure data, collation, analysis, calculate the frequency of various types of vertical injection molding machine failure, the MTBF period, failure analysis and dynamic elements Cause single vertical injection molding machine, find Occurrence of failure, in order to highlight the main points to take countermeasures, fault information analyzed with data feedback to the planning department to arrange for repair or improvements preparedness plan, but also as a modified regular inspection intervals, check the contents and standards based.
   According to statistics collated data, statistical analysis charts can be drawn as a single vertical injection molding machine malfunction dynamic statistical analysis table is the maintenance team for failures and other visually effective way of governance, both for management staff and maintenance workers to grasp each type vertical injection molding machine failure status, but there are clear objectives when determining maintenance countermeasures.
   7. Adoption of the maintenance workers daily inspection tours and vertical injection molding machine status check, made a sign of status and fault information, and relevant records, analyze data, by vertical injection molding machine repair shop clerk or repair for all types of vertical injection Leader Problems machine, timely arrangements for routine maintenance, make full use of the production gap of time or holidays, so defensive front to control and reduce failure. For some fault symptoms, risks, routine maintenance can not afford, then back to the planning department plans to arrange repairs.
   8. Failure to develop information management flowchart.
   Fourth, the vertical injection molding machine fault law
   R & D to develop a maintenance fault law of countermeasures, as well as to establish a scientific system maintenance is very favorable. Vertical injection molding machine in the application process, the application performance or status over time and gradually decline. There will be a lot of failure before some omen, this is called a potential failure, physical parameters which can indicate the difference between a functional failure is imminent, the functional breakdown showed the loss of vertical injection molding machine specified performance standards.
   Vertical injection molding machine failure rate variation over time, often called the bathtub curve. Vertical injection molding machine failure rate changes over time can roughly be divided into three stages: early failure period, occasional failure and loss failure period.
   1. Early failure period
   Vertical injection molding machine in the early failure period, began a high failure rate, but the passage of the failure rate decreased rapidly with time, early failure period for mechanical products, also known as break-in period. The length of this period, due to the design and manufacture of quality products, systems varies. Failure occurred during this period, it is important that the design, manufacturing defects caused by or resulting from improper application environment.
   2. The occasional failure
   Vertical injection molding machine into the occasional failure, the failure rate is about at the steady state, tend to value. During this period, failure is random. The lowest failure rate in the occasional failure period, vertical injection molding machine, and stable. Thus it can be said that this is the best state to work on or called Vertical injection molding machine. This zone is called the effective life.
   Occasional failure fault, more due to the design, improper use and maintenance of the poor. Therefore, by improving design quality, improve application management, diagnostics and maintenance strengthen surveillance, etc., can be reduced to the lowest level in the failure rate.
   3. Failure of wear and tear
   In the late vertical injection molding machine applications, the failure rate began to rise. This is due to the vertical injection molding machine parts wear, fatigue, aging, corrosion caused. If that is the turning point of the beginning of a major overhaul depletion fault, it can be economical and effective way to reduce the failure rate.
   Three stages of vertical injection molding machine failure rate curve, and a true reflection of vertical injection molding machine from running, debugging, to work to overhaul or scrap failure rate of change of the law, strengthen the daily management of vertical injection molding machine and maintenance, You can extend the occasional failure. Correctly identify the inflection point, to avoid excess expand the scope of repairs or repairs to get the best return on investment.


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