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Vertical injection molding machine optimized design of the toggle mechanism

Date:2015/11/1 19:39:11

        The clamping device is one of the main components of the vertical injection molding machine. Vertical injection molding machine toggle clamping mechanism is many a design variable, sport extremely complex institutions. FIG method used in the past to try to scrape together the design, calculation is extremely voluminous, spend a lot of design time, although the designer tried to select a good program from a number of possible designs, but this design method lacks a quantitative expression of the design goals, design parameters it is impossible to obtain through rigorous and accurate optimization.
        Can only be determined by analogy, the result is still far from satisfying, showing that there is room for improvement design. So, with the optimized design methods toggle mechanism is an inevitable trend, it can satisfy people more complex mechanical design of the proposed, more precise requirements.
        The establishment of a mathematical model
        Design of different types of vertical injection molding machine toggle mechanism, the objective function of different nature. Design of large and medium-sized machines, the objective function and generally minimal axial dimension, because not only can reduce the size of the machine, and in the processing of products, low energy consumption, but also saves time.
        Selection and optimization method Box 2
        Select the optimization method is a very important issue. Without complex method requires derivative, they do one-dimensional search methods, the nature of the objective function and constraint functions no special requirements, is a direct solution method. And the program is simple, fast convergence, good effect, which is only nine-dimensional design issues is very effective.
        3 conclusions
        Vertical injection molding machine in the actual design work, trial and error method used in FIG design, designers spend a lot of time, not exactly. And by optimizing design method, satisfactory results, and the entire block common good. Adopting varus up-down toggle clamping mechanism, can use the program, so that you spend a lot of time to solve a design problem can not be solved.


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