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Vertical injection molding machine energy-development background

Date:2016/1/6 13:36:59

With dwindling coal! Oil and other renewable energy sources with lower global energy consumption increase in the background, in the foreseeable future to the energy problem must be one of the constraints a major factor in national development. "Furthermore, as the global gradual recovery of the financial crisis and the world's emerging economies strong momentum of development, China, as a member of the world's emerging economies, energy consumption in the world, and mainly rely on energy imports to meet China's rapid economic development, so improving energy utilization and optimize industrial structure! reduce energy consumption is the only way to achieve sustainable development at the present stage "where vertical plastic injection molding machines and other polymers as the main energy consumption, according to incomplete statistics, the country's total energy consumption consume more than 30%, some developed countries in Europe and energy-saving vertical injection molding machine has accounted for more than 50% of the total market, the country is the largest producer of vertical injection molding machine, but not the power, each year more than the country's economic development speed development, powertrain injection molding machines now used mainly by asynchronous motor and dosing pump with the use of energy due to the injection molding machine to complete the various actions required are not the same, so the cause of energy waste "energy consumption but also caused a lot of environmental serious damage, so energy conservation is imperative, "the essence of vertical injection molding machine energy consumption is vertical injection molding machine with a product, the output of the so-called energy saving less.


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