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Research on energy-saving vertical injection molding machine

Date:2016/1/26 10:46:18

1. constitute a way to transform from the implementing agencies
Vertical injection molding machine clamping mechanism generally use five-hinge mechanism, is due to the five-stroke enlarge the hinge mechanism is relatively large, good clamping effect, but higher energy consumption, and now some vertical injection molding machine manufacturers to use than a full hydraulic clamping mechanism energy consumption decreased "Furthermore the use of hot runner mold is a relatively common way of saving in foreign countries, the actual use of hot runner molds have accounted for all of the above in the amount of 30% of the mold, because the mold does not require cooling, That shortens the cycle time and saving due to the cooling caused by energy consumption, while the amount of waste has been greatly reduced. "So do research from the actuator can be reduced
Less energy consumption greatly.
2. Research from the constitution the way power systems
Vertical injection molding machine power systems are generally composed by the motor and the pump, the traditional vertical injection molding machine using asynchronous motors and dosing pumps with the use, since the vertical injection molding machine in a cycle of energy consumption vary widely, due to the traditional mix output energy is essentially the same, thus wasting a lot of energy in this way "in the hydraulic system, the hydraulic oil quality, performance, clean high temperature requirements, along with the servo motor and variable pump prices and production costs that is energy prices, and now some of the vertical injection molding machine manufacturers in studies using servo motors and variable pump dosing pumps respectively and asynchronous motors with the use of simple control mode, energy consumption has decreased to some extent.
3. do research from plastics parameter setting programs
These two ways are vertical injection molding machine manufacturer to do research and improvement, in the meantime, operate user vertical injection molding machine vertical injection molding machine for plastics reasonable set of process parameters can achieve the purpose of energy saving, and this Present research study is relatively small, we need to vertical injection molding machine at a different kind of energy to do the best process parameters of theoretical and experimental research "Adjusting the vertical injection molding machine operating within reasonable scope of aspects of kinds of process parameters on the properties of plasticized plastics rates and products will not be affected, we can adjust the relationship between energy consumption and process data between the parameters within this range, choose the relationship and influence of the parameters and energy consumption degree, and finally we can elect one of the most energy efficient mode of production.


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