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CAE process and the principle of injection molding machine

Date:2016-07-08 09:33:26

    Plastic injection molding machine which has a gas and air are basically the melting plastic pyrolysis gas, in most cases drying material is not fully discharged water, and vacuum envelope a little tricky, you need to fit the mold and molding effect was designed to develop a better article ultra-thick wall opening U shell injection molding machine, in general, thick-walled injection molding machine prone to shrink, bubbles, excessive deformation and other structural problems, it can cause serious failure of the project, and therefore based on injection molding CAE analysis platform machines for mold flow analysis to determine the location of the product into the gate and get stress and deformation characteristics of each component, optimizing the structure design based on the analysis results, and ultimately improve the reliability of the product, and ultimately performance optimization.

    CAE process can simulate the effect of the principle of the entire injection molding machine injection molding process and the process of injection molding products, the software tool combines a set of design principles that can evaluate and optimize the combination of the whole process can be plastic product design before the mold manufacturing , production and quality optimization. Its analysis process: import CAD models, mesh, grid, inspection and repair, select the type of analysis, choose the molding material, the establishment of gating system, cooling system established set of process parameters, analysis and calculation, to view the results.

    Usually to obtain a more desirable structural parameters of the injection molding machine is set to re-adjust the results of the analysis gating system, cooling systems, process parameters, thereby improving design efficiency, reduce design costs and shorten the development cycle, based on CAE analysis platform for the injection molding machine analysis to determine the product into the gate location and injection molding machine and process parameters to obtain the product of each part of the stress and deformation characteristics of injection molding machine according to the analysis results to optimize the structure design of the program, and ultimately improve the reliability of product development.


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