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Our injection molding machine with an annual output accounts for more than 60 percent of the world presses

Date:2016-07-08 09:37:35

China's first self-produced by injection molding machine can be traced back to the 1950s. In 50 years of development, the country has been able to produce most of the models, and to large, very large injection molding machine extends. According to incomplete statistics, China now has 546 domestic manufacturers of plastic machinery, injection molding machines annual accounts for 62.97% of the world's annual production of injection molding machine, the next few years the industry will continue to grow at a CAGR of 7.43%. In recent years, along with well-known international companies to deepen joint ventures and technical cooperation, as well as international preclude the purchase way mechanical parts of the master, China has become the world's superpower presses pieces of production.

        This year is the "five-second" wrap, plastic products market increasingly demanding "green wisdom made" has become a strong tone of the times. From the industry perspective, after several rounds of technical and environmental policies eliminated, the market active injection molding machine manufacturers are very focused on developing a new generation of high-tech equipment, through intelligent control, to meet the current requirements for the production of high-precision. Conventional injection molding machine with a hydraulic drive, with environmental pollution, high noise and energy consumption of the features, such injection molding machines not only serious energy loss, the larger the negative factors still exist on the environment. But its low manufacturing costs, maintenance is also more convenient, therefore, is the highest market share of injection molding machine type. However, reporters from shortly before the Chinaplas (Chinaplas China) informed that 80% of the mainstream of injection molding machines are fitted with energy-saving auxiliary equipment, low energy consumption from heating coil servo intelligent control system, from the core member to the construction process each module has been carefully optimized machine performance has been further upgraded. We can say that green has become a symbol of a new era, but also an important factor in the current press manufacturers in the future model planning had to consider.

        Injection opportunity constantly moving automation, energy, intelligence, unmanned other direction. "At present, China's annual imports from Japan, the United States, Germany and other developed countries, precision plastic injection molding equipment nearly $ 2 billion, and imports increased year by year, especially for the processing of precision plastic products, precision injection molding machine. At the same time, our country also encouraged to plastic injection molding equipment enterprises to develop high value-added, high-tech, low-power products, improve the international competitiveness of the industry. "


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