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Silicone injection molding machine in the medical industry irreplaceable role

Date:2016-07-08 09:38:35

        Due to the nature of the liquid silicone rubber chemically inert and temperature resistant, it has a very long shelf life and time. Suppliers of raw materials should recommend silicone injection molding machine processed within six months, but in fact cast member containing liquid silicone rubber can be stored indefinitely, although injection molding machine workers recommend a maximum storage time is three years. This medical material durability to extend the life of the corresponding medical device, so that manufacturers and end users will benefit.

        Similarly, injection molding machines for the medical device industry, medical materials liquid silicone rubber exhibits preference. Unlike some users allergic to rubber injection molding machine, liquid silicone rubber has low sensitivity. Liquid silicone rubber does not contain phthalates in PVC, plasticizers in this experiment was found to disrupt the endocrine system and reproductive and neurological damage.

        However, cost is a defective liquid silicone rubber. Compared to other raw materials, such as thermoplastic elastomers and thermoplastic polyurethanes, silicones is their cost 3-5 times; production cycle is longer, is the double thereof.

        In some of the need to consider the cost of the injection molding machine applications, if some of the properties of the liquid silicone rubber such as heat resistance, compression set and chemical inertness is not required, you can use the cheaper TPE thermoplastic elastomer and thermoplastic polyurethane TPU.

        With the medical device industry awareness of medical material used in the product continues to deepen, the liquid silicone rubber to make it unique and special properties of the scope of application was expanded. As these features are more widely known, new applications and the expanding market is still driving the liquid silicone rubber is more widely used in medical devices.

        The basic components of silicon material silicon element is the earth's most common and readily available elements. The liquid silicone rubber with easy-to-manufacture into complex shapes as well as chemically inert, its practicality and excellent features make it from the outset, very suitable for application in medical devices.

        In medical uses, biocompatible silicone must be tested and comply with the US Food and Drug Administration. Medical silicone injection molding machine is divided into two categories in the application: deadlines and have no time limit. Typically restricted for short-term transplantation, for long-term graft unrestricted. Herein belong medical grade liquid silicone rubber.

        Biocompatibility and hypoallergenic liquid silicone rubber, so that, in use, the risk of allergic reactions to a minimum. And because of their health, bacterial and fungal growth and spread almost impossible. These features make it ideal for short-term and long-term graft device.

        Liquid silicone rubber elastic, durable, transparent, UV irradiation and acceptable tensile strength. Unlike traditional rubber, liquid silicone rubber can withstand extreme temperatures, from -55 ℃ not denatured to 200 ℃. Because of this feature, the liquid silicone rubber instrument can be sterilized by autoclaving.

        Liquid silicone rubber also have unusually permanent compression set, can be made in different thickness in the same part. Combined with durability and plastic material injection molding machine, these features make it a key medical equipment injection molding machine parts.


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