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Matters dealt with injection molding machine was flooded after

Date:2016-07-11 16:20:16

    Usually after the injection molding machine may result in different levels of water flooded the electrical control box inside the electrical machine hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, in this case, can be divided into the following sections to analyze the process:

    First, the injection molding machine electrical control part

    After the injection molding machine electrical part of the water can cause corrosion and rusting of the original variety of electrical insulation performance of the phenomenon. Usually following the steps below:

    1. Disconnect all power injection molding machine;

    2, in the shortest possible time after flooding, the injection molding machine I / O PC board above the battery is removed (recommended customers timely operation) because I / O board in the case of the battery is not removed, the individual components is still powered state, it will accelerate rust and corrosion extent of these elements will increase the difficulty of elements maintenance and repair costs;

    3, the entire point inside the injection molding machine electrical components Remove (service operation) cleaned with alcohol, if necessary to break down the parts cleaning, including the I / O board, 24V power supply, 5V power supply, transformers, AC contactors, air switches, axial fans and so on;

    4, dried, and the drying hopper will all live components sufficiently dried injection molding machine, the cleaning element can be decomposed into hierarchical clean, after drying hopper and dried at a temperature of 50 ~ 70 ℃, drying time of 8 to 10 hours, to test the insulation resistance value complies with the requirements (generally measured with 200K file), it is determined whether or not completely dry;

    5, the electrical parts dried completely separate power check (service operation), the check can only be installed using intact.

    Second, part of the hydraulic injection molding machine

    1, can not open the injection molding machine motor pump, turn on the motor because the hydraulic oil into the water may enter the hydraulic piping system of the machine, causing corrosion of metal hydraulic components;

    2. Check the injection molding machine hydraulic oil is water. Open the plug on the bottom of the tank chassis, release a small amount of oil, paper stained with a little light, if you can not ignite the fire burning in the process of crackling Baoxiang, then the hydraulic oil in the water, we need to replace all the hydraulic oil. (Anhydrous copper sulfate can also be used to test whether or not becomes blue, then the blue water);

    3, if the water content in the oil, replace the hydraulic oil in the tank. Before oil change use a clean cloth to wipe the tank;

    Third, the other part of the injection molding machine

    1, injection molding machine motor

    The motor stator and rotor separated from the stator winding drying treatment (allows professional motor repair process, you can also use 100W incandescent thorough drying processing motor housing about 8 hours), insulation resistance must ensure ≥0.4MΩ, motor after bearing removed to check whether the use of clean gasoline, are then replaced with the specifications bearings;

    2, injection molding machine lubrication pump

    The lubrication pump rotor, a stator and a pump bile separation, fixed set of windings can be used for drying the drying hopper, the insulation resistance must ensure ≥0.4MΩ, pump gall rust stuck if you can die rust agent sprayed into the pump inside the gall rust, gear pumps can be flexible rotation within the bladder.

    3, sub-size models of the injection molding machine must take the connector plug, connector socket (air plug) separately, dried (hair dryer available) after cleaning.

    Fourth, the injection molding machine servo motor and control system

    1, electrical components, circuit board first with alcohol and then wash it off with a dry wind to 55 ℃ dried for 24 hours or oven drying hopper.

    2, injection molding machine servo motor Note encoder and motor stator drying and motor bearing protection, to prevent rust.

    After the above ministries processed, re-assembled injection molding machine parts, power test machine.


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