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Three step injection molding machine machine debugging process

Date:2016-08-01 10:16:07

1, the injection molding machine parameters to be set and ready to confirm before setting parameters

⑴ confirm dried material injection molding machine, mold temperature and whether the temperature of the heating cylinder is set correctly processed and reach the state.

⑵ check the injection molding machine and the mold opening and closing the top of the movement and distance settings.

⑶ injection molding machine injection pressure (P1) set at 60% of maximum.

⑷ holding pressure injection molding machine (PH) is set at 30% of maximum.

⑸ injection molding machine injection speed (V1) is set at 40% of maximum.

⑹ injection molding machine screw speed (VS) is set at about 60RPM.

⑺ injection molding machine back pressure (PB) is set at about 10kg / cm2.

⑻ injection molding machine is set in pine denunciation 3mm.

⑼ injection molding machines hold pressure switching position is set at 30% of the diameter of the screw. For example φ100mm screw, set 30mm. ⑽ metering stroke is set shorter than the calculated value. ⑾ total injection time shorter, longer cooling time setting.

2, manual operation of injection molding machine parameter modification

⑴ lock mold injection molding machine (confirmation pressure rise), injection seat forward.

⑵ manual injection screw until a complete stop and pay attention to the stop position.

⑶ injection molding machine screw screwed back feed.

⑷ after the injection molding machine to be cooled mold eject the molded article.

⑸ ⑴ ~ ⑷ repeat steps eventually stop screw position at 10% to 20% of the diameter of the screw, and the molded product is no short shot, burrs and whitening or cracking phenomena.

3, modified semi-automatic injection molding machine operating parameters

⑴ amended [metering end] injection molding machine metering stroke of the injection pressure is increased to 99%, and to dwell temporarily adjusted to 0, the measurement end S0 forward transferred to short shot occurs, again adjusted to occur after the flash, to which choose between the point position.

⑵ correction injection molding machine speed at the PH back to the original level, the injection speed adjusted up or down to find the occurrence of short shot and burrs individual speed, its middle point is a suitable speed [at this stage may also enter a multi-speed corresponding to the appearance of a problem parameter settings.

⑶ correction injection molding machine to keep the pressure up and down to adjust to maintain the pressure, to identify individual pressure generating dishing and flash, with its mid-point for the selection of packing.

⑷ injection molding machine dwell time [or exit time] correction gradually extended hold time, until the weight of the molded article obviously stable Ming appropriate choice.

Fixed ⑸ injection molding machine cooling time to gradually cut the cooling time, and confirmed to meet the following conditions: 1, the molded article is ejected, clip out, trimming, packaging is not albino, convex crack or deformation. 2, mold temperature can balance and stability. Flesh 4mm above article cooldown simple algorithm: ① theoretical cooling time = S (1 + 2S) ...... mold temperature of 60 degrees or less. ② Theoretical cooling time = 1.3S (1 + 2S) ....... 60 degrees above the mold.

⑹ correction parameters plastics injection molding machine

① confirm whether the injection molding machine back pressure needs to be adjusted; ② adjust screw speed so that the measurement time is slightly shorter than the cooling time; ③ confirm the stability of the measurement time, try adjusting the heating coil temperature gradient. ④ confirm whether the drip nozzle, sprue whether a pig tail or stick mold, finished with or without gas marks and other phenomena, adjust the temperature or the nozzle section loose from the back.

⑺ dwell segment and multi-segment utilization rate of fire

① general, without affecting the appearance of the case, the injection molding machine should be based on the principle of high speed, but in front of the gate and through the Inter-hold pressure switching to a lower speed should be; ② holding pressure should be gradually lowered to avoid high residual stress in the molded article, the molded article is easily deformed.


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