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How to reduce the wear of the injection molding machine to improve the use of injection molding machine screw barrel

Date:2016-08-03 09:43:37

Injection molding machine screw is a long time to work at a high temperature, high pressure, high mechanical torque and high friction environments. Several factors are required before the process conditions, and the loss caused by friction is inevitable. Usually the injection molding machine screw has been surface-nitriding treatment, in order to improve the surface hardness, i.e. to improve wear resistance. But if you ignore the cause of the injection molding machine wear and does not seek to minimize wear of the injection molding machine, injection molding machine screw is bound to greatly reduce the working life.

    The following instructions cause the injection molding machine screw wear causes and methods to reduce the wear and tear

    1, each of the plastic, has an ideal temperature range of plastics processing, injection molding machine barrel should be controlled processing temperature, bringing them closer to this temperature range. Granular plastic injection molding machine from the hopper into the barrel, will first reach the feed zone, appears dry friction in the feed zone is bound, when these plastic insufficient heat, melt unevenly, it could easily lead to the cylinder wall and screw surface wear increases. Similarly, in the compression section and homogenizing section, if the molten plastic uneven disorder, also cause increased wear.

    2, injection molding machine speed should be adjusted appropriately. As some plastic added enhancers, such as glass fibers, mineral or other fillers. These substances on metal friction force is often much greater than the molten plastic. These plastic injection molding in an injection molding machine, if a high-speed, in the raising of plastic shear force at the same time, will also make a corresponding strengthening produce more torn fibers being torn fibers contain sharp end so that abrasion forces greatly increased. Inorganic minerals at the surface of the metal high-speed taxiing, the scraping action is not small. So speed should not be set too high.


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