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Injection molding machine market potential is enormous

Date:2016-08-04 10:27:21

It is understood that Chinese injection molding machine industry plus huge development potential for the rapid growth of the injection molding machine industry has opened up a vast space. Currently in the injection molding machine products, 83% used injection molding machine. In recent years, due to the needs of the automotive, construction, household appliances, food, medicine and other industries growing injection products, and promote the injection molding machine technology development and improvement.

At present, the Chinese injection molding machine mold industry has developed rapidly, the number of injection molding machine mold steel, quality, variety, specifications, performance and put forward higher requirements. In recent years, domestic and foreign production injection molding machine mold steel, production techniques, technology and equipment, quality, variety, etc. have made great progress. With the improvement of the quality requirements of the injection molding machine mold, countries in the original cold-working die steel, hot work die steel base molding machine mold steel and the three categories, have developed a number of new steel grades. Promote the development of the steel mold industrial product development to high-class, high value-added direction.

Chinese experts believe that mold injection molding machines, injection molding machines proportion of Die casting mold industry will continue to increase. With vehicles and construction materials and other products to the direction of lightweight, die-casting mold the number and complexity of life will be raised higher and higher requirements. With the plastic and steel, precision and complexity of the development of plastic and wood parts and products continues to increase, the proportion of injection molding machine mold will continue to improve its accuracy and complexity will also be with a corresponding increase. Plastic mold rapid economic prospects are very broad. Present more varieties of small batch production era, the 21st century, this mode of production accounted for the proportion of industrial production will reach more than 75%. Thus, on the one hand is the use of plastic cycles, on the other hand pattern changes frequently, asked mold production cycle as short as possible. Therefore, the rapid economic development of the plastic mold will be more cause for concern. Analysis of Chinese injection molding machine mold Status and trends can be seen, along with the use of advanced technology, China's mold injection molding machine has been rapid development. However, compared with many developed countries, China is still a big gap, a lot of the injection molding machine mold design and manufacturing process also need to refer to foreign experience, a lot of sophisticated, high-end, complex molds also need to import.

Therefore, China is now the basis of the level of research on the blend of other advanced technologies to further strengthen the Chinese injection molding machine mold innovation, investments in technology, create more economic and social benefits. Injection molding machine die industry as China's manufacturing development of the support industry, with the support of all levels of government, various manufacturing industries and enterprises, and achieved rapid development. According to the International Association Secretary-General Luo Baihui mold, Guangdong province is China's manufacturing industry in the manufacture of products plays a decisive role. Not only led to the development of injection molding machine mold industry in Guangdong, but also promoted the development of China's mold industry injection molding machine. China is a big country mold injection molding machines, injection molding machine mold industry output value of about 1.8 trillion yuan, ranking first in the world of injection molding machine mold industry.


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