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Injection of electrical control system anti-interference

Date:2016-08-05 10:19:43

The so-called interference, that is, other than the useful signal noise to influence the injection molding machine control system to produce,

Injection molding machine injection molding machine interference is divided into internal stakeholders and external interference two kinds of injection molding machines.
Injection molding machine internal interference are:
1, the signal crosstalk between each other
2, components irrational, poor quality components.
3, the adjacent coupling loops.
4, the digital and analog ground impact.
5, parasitic oscillation.
Injection molding machine external interference are:
1, electromagnetic interference, including the close vicinity of electrical equipment-off system, passing vehicles, electromagnetic waves.
2, power supply fluctuations.
3, environmental interference, vibration, temperature and humidity.

Internal interference injection molding machine injection molding machine control system manufacturer about, it can be designed to suppress and eliminate as much as possible. Imports of injection molding machines can do, while external interference is random, regardless of structure, generally the source of interference is also difficult to limit, to take precautionary measures only the specific situation.
Injection molding machine external interference coupling are:
1, common impedance coupling. Different from the ground system ground, causing common impedance, it will inevitably interfere with a total impedance coupling.
2, electrostatic coupling. Electric field is capacitively coupled way, fleeing its total interference lines.
3, electromagnetic induction coupling. Due to the presence of a magnetic field mutual inductance between the power lines and signal lines, and in a closed loop system to produce EMF, which is the interference voltage.
4, leakage coupling: mainly due to the coupling capacitance between adjacent wires or between some of the insulation resistance decreases, the interference between the transmitted signal lines via the conductor resistance


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