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Development of rubber injection molding machine technology and its application

Date:2016-08-15 11:39:32

Vulcanized rubber injection molding machine referred rubber injection molding machine or injection press for industrial rubber molded products, one of the three kinds of molding curing machine. In terms of quantity, second only to rubber vulcanizing machine (pressing machine) and far more than the delivery of rubber molding machine (injection molding machine), occupied more than a quarter of the total share.

    Although the rubber mold injection molding machine itself and its cost price is higher than the flat vulcanized rubber, but the rubber injection molding machine is particularly advantageous for mass production, production efficiency and product quality are greatly improved, material losses and energy consumption is also reduced accordingly, by this eventually lead to a decline of the total cost, and thus get a large rubber factory favor and widely used. In recent years, as has emerged flexible, suitable for small batch production of rubber injection molding machines, therefore, many professional small rubber factory began to choose to use.

    Rubber injection molding machine main unit structure and performance characteristics

    Rubber injection molding machine pre-injection device

    Rubber injection molding machine injection device consists of a pre-plasticizing and injection components, its role is uniformly heated and plasticized plastic material through a nozzle into the mold cavity will be good plasticized rubber, injection is carried out after packing, the mold cavity inside the compound at the set pressure to maintain a certain time, in order to prevent the backflow of rubber products resulting loose tissue and surface irregularities. Dwell pressure is generally 80-120MPa, higher up 60% -80% of the actual injection pressure. According to experience, when about 80% of the actual holding pressure injection pressure, the resulting product quality is relatively high. Therefore, the rubber injection molding machine injection device requirements are: a strong plasticizing capacity, sufficient injection pressure, injection speed, and accurate measurement can feed.

In recent years, with the rapid development of modern high-tech, rubber products for a higher quality requirements. The market demand for large injection molding machines rubber rubber products also increased, reciprocating screw injection machine capacity and pressure exposed the shortcomings of its injection products to certain restrictions, the screw plunger-type injection molding machine to give new developments and applications. New devices with pre-molded rubber plunger injection molding machines will be installed in the hydraulic drive plasticizing screw injection piston, the "first in first out" (FIFO) method to achieve the injection, the structure shown in Figure 1. Rubber still use the screw - barrel plasticized, the device is usually an injection cylinder disposed symmetrically on both sides of the screw. When the rubber injection molding machine, screw and axial position relative to the barrel of the same, check valve located in the piston head grooves closed, along with the injection screw plunger rubber into the mold cavity.

Coaxial injection plunger means direct injection "FIFO" (First In First Out) system in accordance with the FIFO principle work materials, thus ensuring the accuracy of dosing and highly reproducible process and security, built-in check valve for rubber products cold runner technology. The injection nozzle is very short, directly to the mold, which makes the pressure loss is extremely low. High plasticizing performance and low power consumption make the most economical operation possible. Cooling section area of ​​the nozzle can reliably prevent premature curing of the injection compound. Due to the relative axial position of the screw and barrel of the same, so the screw feed zone may not have additional extended; screw diameter in the same situation, the injection volume can be increased but many. The rubber injection molding machines and high-precision equipment for large vulcanized rubber products.


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