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Rubber injection molding machine mold clamping device

Date:2016-08-15 11:41:19

Rubber injection molding machine mold clamping device

    Rubber injection molding machine mold clamping device is one of the main components of rubber injection molding machine, it has to ensure product quality plays an important role. A relatively perfect clamping device should be able to meet the following three basic requirements:

    (1) adequate and stable clamping force

    Rubber injection molding machine in the process, in order to be able to fill the rubber mold cavity must have a high injection pressure; in the curing process, with the plastic temperature rise will have a great expansive force, these two forces are try to make the mold open. Therefore, in order to ensure the accuracy of product quality and geometry, to minimize burr must give sufficient and stable clamping force in the vertical direction of the mold parting surface to prevent the rubber mold is open top .

   (2) certain movable platen moving speed of the opening stroke and transform

    In order to facilitate removal from the vulcanized rubber molding machine mold cavity after the article, the movable platen clamping device must have a certain opening stroke. Further, in order to improve production efficiency of the machine should be made to move the movable platen has a faster speed, but the speed of the entire process of opening and closing the mold should be continuous transformation. In order to prevent products and mold due to impact damage, generally want to move in the opening speed of the moving platen, the initial and final closing die slowly, in the rest of the trip should be faster.

    (3) a certain area of ​​the template and the template spacing

    In order to meet the requirements of different shapes products, templates and template area must be properly spaced. In addition, the clamping device also has the necessary attachment, such as a product ejection device. Mold lifting equipment, lubrication equipment and safety devices.

Performance of various types of structure type mold clamping apparatus better able to meet the three basic requirements of the clamping device are numerous, select the following three structures representative for analysis. Performance comparison of various types of mold clamping device shown in Table 2.

    For medium-sized rubber injection molding machines, to meet the complex structure of its products, oversized features commonly used hydraulic clamping device, the new clamping device combines various features of hydraulic clamping devices, using built-in self-priming type mold clamping apparatus with pressurized cylinder type mold clamping device combination type, so it combines two kinds of clamping device type advantages: first, you can self-priming clamping device to complete the high-speed mold process hydraulic supply; second, the role of the high-pressure oil produced by the pressurized cylinder in the clamping cylinder piston up to achieve a large clamping force, which uses low pressure hydraulic system can achieve a large clamping force of the hydraulic system sealing requirements are relatively low.


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