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Rubber injection molding machine hydraulic drive and control system

Date:2016-08-15 11:42:10

Driven rubber injection molding machine, meaning that the machine driving the injection device and clamping device. Its main features are: parameters (pressure, speed, etc.) of the course of action with the requirements of the process of change, such as high-speed low-pressure clamping, high-speed high-pressure injection, pressure is kept under high pressure and so on. According to development requires parameter control procedures; non-load driving machine constant value in the injection molding machine full cycle power consumption record, the load time of injection to the maximum.

 The following from the hydraulic rubber injection molding machine and electrical control system driving section section are introduced.

    1. Rubber injection molding machine hydraulic drive

    Driven basic types of rubber injection molding machines are mainly mechanical transmission (motor and gear reducer gearbox); hydraulic transmission (pump and its components); hybrid drive (injection device is hydraulic, and the clamping device with mechanical transmission) three.

    Compared with mechanical transmission hydraulic transmission, generally it has the following advantages: speed and pressure and stroke can freely adjust the set, it is set in its way is also more convenient, easy to direct numerical pressure reading; process control and machine easy to implement centralized control of pressure and speed ; smooth operation, self-lubricating, anti properties; easy to implement overload protection.

    Its disadvantages are: changes in temperature and oil temperature will affect the speed and pressure of the system; the accuracy of speed and position is not precise mechanical transmission; multi-component, low efficiency (power consumption, water consumption, fuel consumption is relatively large); repair technology demanding; noise pollution, oil.

    With the manufacturing and maintenance of hydraulic components increasing levels, the above-mentioned disadvantages are overcome to varying degrees. At the same time in the injection molding machine control technology, the rising demand. So now the hydraulic drive type injector the most.

    Rubber injection molding machine with hydraulic drive technology advantages include: for reasons associated with the system, the hydraulic motor drive also has some advantages that are not. Hydraulic drive directly from a linear movement, without any mechanical conversion, and the intensity and speed ratio range is very wide. With respect to the load, the transmission hydraulic system overload capability, the stored energy can be used immediately.

    2. Rubber Injection Molding Machine Electrical Control System

    The world's advanced injection machine is generally used closed-loop control system microcomputer processing system comprising: a keyboard input, screen display, the system is running, the system detects a signal feedback and correction. The operator can input instructions or data displayed on the screen according to the problem, such as: barrel temperature, mold opening and closing distance, injection pressure, injection speed. After the input is complete, the system will be in accordance with the input data or instructions to run, while the microcomputer processing system begins to monitor and detect whether the system is consistent with the actual data and setting data, we found that there are differences as to deal with the feedback system be promptly corrected. This will ensure the reproducibility and repeatability of products, but also to achieve fast transfer machine. Also available on the machine the storage system, the current production data storage, so then the next production.

    In recent years, a more advanced rubber injection molding machine has begun to enter the market, and that is all-electric rubber injection molding machine. This rubber injection molding machine with respect to the conventional hydraulic injection molding machine has many advantages, including: energy, clean, quiet, high accuracy and repeatability higher. Therefore, the requirements for high-precision injection products, than the traditional hydraulic rubber injection molding machine has better performance. Tests showed that electric injection machine repeatability 50% higher than hydraulic injection machine, which ensure product stability good.

  The main advantage of the electric drive and control technology is better controllable system and process stability, repeatability (position, cycle time) can be increased about twice as much. Disadvantages of hydraulic drive technology can be summarized as: leakage, noise, poor performance. In contrast, the electric drive technology there is no leakage problems, and also low noise (less than 60dB). And non-stop operation of the pump in comparison, it can reduce energy consumption by 50%. Further, since the waste oil handling problems do not exist, environmentally more beneficial. Therefore, the production of high quality thin-walled technical parts such as housing or coupling, electric injection molding machine is the ideal choice, this drive system is beneficial to attempt to improve the reproducibility higher process capability of processors.


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