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Rubber Injection Molding Machine Application Prospect

Date:2016-08-15 11:47:52

Overall, rubber injection molding machine represents the development direction of the rubber moldings production has important significance for the development of recycling economy, establish a resource-saving industries. The vast majority of China's non-tire rubber products manufacturing enterprises still use the traditional vulcanizing machine, the amount of rubber injection molding machine is very small, but estimated that up to 5% -10%, 25% -35%, compared with the developed countries there are big gap. 2005 Chinese production of plastic injection molding machine has 10 million units, there are one hundred and small enterprises, and only rubber injection molding machine more than 10 factories, production is estimated to 1000-1500 units, however, the development potential is huge. From the specific situation of the rubber industry, the development of rubber injection molding machines will exhibit the following several major trends:

    (1) Rubber injection molding machine will continue to miniaturization. That is small, the number of small, unmanned, may become a new trend. This is because of the low purchase price of such models, easy centralized management, and production efficiency is relatively high.

    (2) rubber injection molding machine multi-station machine will be further expanded. Multi-station machine for a long time curing large rubber superior, help to improve production efficiency, not only in seals, shock absorption pads, and other molded products, injection molding of shoes, soles and plastic pump, solid tires, etc. is also a ideal production.

    (3) rubber injection molding machine dedicated machine and universal machine will be polarized development. Since the machine can dispense with special extra features, simplified equipment, the equipment prices decreased quite competitive. Universal machine because it is easy to operate, easy to replace the mold, can make rubber molded vulcanized broader range, a multi-purpose machine, the greater scalability. This is mainly done in small quantities of many varieties of small and medium enterprises, more economical fit, one option is to replace the vulcanizing press.

    Performance (4) rubber injection molding machine will continue to improve. Although the existing structure and principles will be no major changes, but the electric injection machine in the future will become more popular, electronic control technology continue to enhance the level of clamping pressure, mold temperature, so more precise measurement accuracy.


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