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The rubber injection molding machine model has the beneficial effects

Date:2016-08-15 16:27:14

1. Structure is simple and practical. The rubber injection molding machine model adopts the wheel structure, the door body may be around the door frame to scroll in the safety door is opened a viewing window in order to facilitate the operator to observe the work of Dianmu injection molding machine molds;
security door and welded handles, easy operation personnel to the left pull the safe door, the door body may be made smooth on the rail reciprocal axial motion to achieve closing operation Dianmu injection molding machine security door, security doors on both sides are also equipped with a cushioning device, can reduce the security door open, shaking off time.
2. Safe, reliable, high degree of automation. As the utility model provides a way to avoid personal injury accident, to ensure safe production, while it is possible misuse of personal injury to automatically detect and take down, to avoid the erroneous operation of the workers safety valve operating rubber injection molding machine and safety device, when Dianmu injection molding machine to work properly and effectively protect the personal safety of operating personnel;
when the operator safety door open, and when the safety door is opened when the security gate inside slant left blade flap, knife shaped baffle its own weight into the stationary platen side of the fuse holder block in the bumper, so that the movable platen can not move, while the safety door limit switch is mounted to the touch under, so Dianmu injection molding machine stopped working, safety gates play a security role, rubber injection molding machine shutdown protection play a role, can effectively protect the personal safety of rubber injection molding machine operator.


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