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Rubber injection molding machine safety gate

Date:2016-08-15 16:39:13

rubber injection molding machine is made of a variety of thermoplastic Bakelite Bakelite flowers or petals main article molding equipment, injection molding machine Dianmu injection device includes the following components, stationary platen, movable platen, hydraulic and electrical control systems.

Conventional injection molding machine mechanical parts from the injection mechanism, clamping (clamping) agencies and chassis and other components, mold mounting between the stationary platen and the movable platen, in bakelite injection process by moving the template to fit the stationary platen movement mold clamping and provides plastic material in the cavity of the mold separation force, the clamping force is generally from tens to thousands of Dayton Dayton ranging product cooled in the mold cavity, the mold is opened rearward movement of the movable platen, and then by the ejection mechanism to the top of the article from the mold cavity, the entire production process, because the clamping mechanism clamping pressure, speed, and injection is carried out at high temperature and pressure environment, the original rubber injection molding machine some do not have security doors, during operation, the operator directly face to close the injection mold once the injection mold plastic leak accident occurs, or operator error put his hand into the injection molding tool, since the operator a chance to react to finger pressure while causing accidents have occurred, in addition, melted bakelite sometimes splashing scalding, the operator will cause serious injury of the present utility model objective is to solve the above problems to provide a simple structure, high degree of automation, good safety performance can effectively avoid injury Dianmu injection molding machine security door phenomenon occurs.

One of the safety device described above, wherein a double safety device safety device, including insurance nut, left, right fuse holder, bumper, bearing blade baffle and insurance, installation insurance along the moving direction of the movable platen side the left and right ends of the rod, the bumper has a fuse holder, the right end of the insurance seat equipped with safety nut, hinged seat right insurance have knife-shaped baffle, when the security door closed, weld bevel on the inside of the door knife-shaped baffle plate is pressed down, the movable platen side of the bumper can be set through the template in the side of the fuse holder, then Dianmu injection molding machine can work normally;
when the door is opened when the security inside of the door to leave the ramp knife-shaped baffle, knife-shaped baffle to block its own weight into the bumper inner side of the fuse holder fixed template, the template can not make the move to close the mold, rubber injection molding machine will automatically stop working. Another double safety device safety device described above, including springs, locating pins and holes in the safety handle mounted positioning pin, spring sleeve in the positioning pin, pin hole opened on the door frame when the door pull handle security when in place, the positioning pins inserted into the pin hole, the door body can not move around, played a double role as insurance.

The utility model is mainly solved by the following technical scheme includes a door body includes a door frame, rails, rollers, safety handle, characterized in that it has a double safety device, cushion rubber, and the limit switch sensor, the electric door-frame mount wood mold injection molding machine with people standing between the positive rail and the rollers mounted on the inside of the door body, the trip switch installed in the left and right sides of the main door, a sensor mounted on the rail, with the limit switch, safety door handle welded body the surface of the rubber cushion is fixed on both sides of the main door, double safety device is also mounted on both sides of the main door, double insurance by means of a knife-shaped baffle is realized;
the other is realized by locating pins.


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