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TY-350.2R.SF Vertical Injection molding machine

   TAYU Machinery Co.,Ltd is a professional injection molding machine manufacturer in China. It possesses two core manufacture bases in Zhejiang Hangzhou and Guangdong Dongguan respectively.The main production:vertical injection molding machine, bakelite injection molding machine, BMC injection molding machine,insert injection molding machine

TY350.2R.SF Characteristics of vertical injection molding machine:
Vertical clamping, vertical injection, safe and prevent mould from weigh, it fit for inserts plastic molding.

Technical parameters

              Model           Units TY350.2R .SF
  Screw Diameter mm 18
  Injection Pressure  Kg/cm2 3500
Injection  Theoretical Shot volume cm3 29
System Max. Shot Weight g/Oz 26/0.9
  Injection Rate cm3/sec 62
  Temperature Control ZONE 6
  Material Hoppper Capacity L 15
  Clamping Force  T 35
  Opening Force T 5.6
Calming Mold Dimensions  mm 415x250
System Min Mold Height  mm 200
  Opening Stroke  mm 300
  Max. Open Daylight  mm 500
  Ejector Force  T 2.3
  Ejector stoke  mm 65
  Round Set Diamter mm φ900
Hyatraulic Max. Hydraulic Pressure  Kg/cm2 140
 electric  Pump Output  L 240
System Pump Motor Power  Kw 15
  Barrel Heating Power  Kw 2.5
  Total Wattage  Kw 17.5
Other Machine Weight      T 1.7
  Machine Dimensions(LxWxH)  mm  2x1.5x3.2

Template size

Before:TC-450DS.J Vertical injection molding machine After:TY-850.2C Vertical Injection molding machine

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